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ABD Announces New OnBoarding Suite

Automated Business Design, Inc. has released OnBoarding Suite, a fully automated application process that is integrated with ABD’s signature staffing software Ultra-Staff. OnBoarding Suite redistributes the work load that is generally included within the process of hiring new employees, and allows for existing employees to uphold their individual records directly through the company’s website.

The suite is comprised of two modules: the Application module and the Forms Driver module. The solution can be applied as a fully cohesive suite or individually utilized. The Application module is completely customizable and can be implemented to address various application specialties. The Forms Driver module manipulates the data gained from the Application module to create forms tailored to a company’s specific hiring package.

The OnBoarding Suite streamlines the application process into an easy to use, convenient method. It eliminates costly data entry labor and reduces paper expenses that are correlated to the hiring process. OnBoarding Suite offers new features including:

  • Wizard Style Interface
  • Web based application or in office Kiosk
  • Applicant record creation/resume import
  • I9, W4, Confidentiality, and Drug Agreement forms
  • Unlimited, customizable forms
  • Electronic signature

Automated Business Designs has worked in the recruiting and staffing industry since 1982. The specialized team at Automated Business Designs, Inc. offers an expansive collection of service offerings. ABD’s development team exploits a distinctive blend of staffing industry intelligence and the state-of-the-art development tools available from Microsoft®.

Scott Nissen, President of Nissen Staffing Continuum, Inc., states, “Speed of delivery in the staffing industry is often the difference between a billable hour and a lost opportunity.  With ABD’s OnBoarding Suite, we enjoy the efficiency of thoroughly and rapidly screening candidates in real-time to meet the urgency of our clients.  Additionally, we’ve cut administrative overhead expense by reducing data entry and file management to achieve a projected four month capital expenditure payback. In a slim margin business, we appreciate a software partner that works to reduce our staffing costs.”

For more information, visit  or call +1(800)944-4ABD

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