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Advantages of Integrating Software

I am using 3 different types of software. One for front office, another for calendar/planner and a third for accounting. What are the pros of integrating into one?

There are too many advantages to mention here, but let’s review some important points.

Utilizing more than one system will never allow for full CRM (Customer Relationship Management). In order to accomplish CRM, the entire company must communicate and be able to extend outstanding service to the customer. Information is immediately available when functions are integrated and the customer does not have to wait for answers.

When multiple software is used, it is very difficult to integrate the information for management reporting. Without an efficient means to report, managers are guessing. You don’t want to wait until the end of the year to find out you are not profitable. It’s important to know your position so that adjustments can be made throughout the year.

You are losing business if you are not using an integrated fully functional system containing front and back office tools for employees and for customers.

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