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From Pipeline to Hire: The Difference Complete Staffing Software Makes

Complete staffing software

Exceptional staffing software does more than just store data. The best, most complete staffing software augments the abilities of everyone in your business: from hiring manager and recruiters to accounts payable/receivable. When you need to hire fast, every facet of your internal hiring mechanism needs to move with greased speed. Our experience is that the most effective staffing software delivers high performance from end to end. Here’s how: 

High Speed Searches

It’s no surprise your talent search needs to be fast. The right staffing software delivers that “get up and go” in a few ways. For starters, the dashboard is clean and intuitive. First time users should get a sense of familiarity as they search the talent pool, upload resumes, and pull reports. Complicated interfaces just drag out the search process.

Application upload should be simple and quick too. The moment you load a candidate’s resume into your staffing software, it should be searchable. Every keyword should be capable of being parsed and isolated in an instant. Manual inputs haven’t been acceptable since the early days of the staffing software world.

Job Board Integration

Plugging information into different job boards used to be tedious. Typing in the body text of job advertisements and plugging in relevant information takes more time than you’d imagine. Now, repeat that across platforms.

Complete staffing software cuts down on the redundancy of posting and synchronizes your posts all at once. Recruiters or administrators can launch new job openings in tandem, buying themselves more time to focus on what’s important: reviewing candidate resumes.

Social Media Connectivity

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful tools in a recruiter’s arsenal. Our users can post job advertisements directly to their own personal LinkedIn accounts in the form of a Discussion.

What about Twitter and Facebook? Some staffing software solutions allow individual recruiters to post for more target audience exposure. Both social platforms can be beneficial to candidate searches.

Email and Text Message Integration

Toggling between applications can be a time waster. Studies have shown that interruptions at work can have a detrimental effect on productivity, taking as much as 25 minutes for an office worker to rebound completely. Why interrupt your flow to open up your email client when your processes are moving at top speed?

The best staffing software integrates with your email client. For example, Ultra-Staff is designed to link with your Outlook accounts. Emails can be sent directly from our dashboard, trimming down the number of screens you need to switch between to connect with candidates or client contacts. Never settle for anything less from a provider of staffing software.

Administration Side

There is plenty going on behind the scenes for the typical placement. You need to calculate profit margins for a specific contract, set up payment schedules if you are working with contractors, and handle time cards. Instead of trying to rectify an existing system with your ATS, going with complete staffing software that sports front end and back end solutions is the better option.

Why Complete Staffing Software Matters?

Why is end to end integration so important? Your recruiters should be able to monitor every step candidates go through to ensure that they have the most fluid experience possible. That way, they can reassure candidates that the hiring process is moving smoothly, so your most promising talent does not drop off in the eleventh hour.

Want complete staffing software that accelerates your hiring processes? Ultra-Staff should be your number one tool. Front end and back end processes are integrated across modules and industries so that you get the best solution every time. Contact us today to find a staffing software solution that best fits your individual needs.

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