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How to Use Pinterest for Staffing and Recruiting

pinterest circle logoPinterest is the hot new social media site that has everyone up in frenzy. It is the fastest growing web site in 2012. The site reached 10 million unique monthly U.S. visitors faster than any other site. That is pretty amazing. In February, it has been recorded that Pinterest drove more traffic to online publishers than Twitter. Pinterest has now raised the question for companies across the board: How can Pinterest work for me? Pinterest has the potential to be a huge traffic driver for business services like staffing. Here’s how staffing and recruiting agencies can incorporate Pinterest.

For the Candidate:

  • Resume Help: As recruiters, candidates look to you for advice and preparation. Create boards that will help candidates with their resumes. Pinterest is very visual, so get creative. Pin interesting resume infographics, or design your own infographic illustrating the best practices of a phenomenal resume. On every pin that you create, write a caption expressing resume best practices, resume tips, and what to avoid when writing a resume.
  • How to Dress for an Interview: We all know dress code is such a tricky subject for candidates. From startups to Fortune 500 companies, it is clear that the perfect interview outfit is not a “one size fits all approach”. So why not use Pinterest to illustrate the right outfit? Create a board for each type of interview and pin the corresponding pieces. Show them what NOT to wear as well. This will help candidates get an idea of how to look sharp and gain confidence before an interview!
  • Interview Tips: Pin interview comics or general ‘interview’ photos. Within the captions, target the tricky interview questions with ideal answers. You can create your own images that link back to your company’s blog post, article, whitepaper, etc. Pin an image with a link to an article that highlights the most common or important interview questions. You can also create a ‘world’s most outrageous interview questions from real companies’ pinboard, or a funny ‘most embarrassing interview stories’ pin to be relatable to candidates and humanize your company. You can also pin videos and other forms of media, so create a video highlighting interviewing best practices and pin it on your board.
  • What to Eat: A well balanced meal is the key to success before an interview. Look for foods that will help candidates stay on their game and keep focused. You can highlight what foods to steer clear from in order to avoid bad breath, dehydration, upset stomach, etc.
  • Motivation: Create a board of inspiring and motivating quotes to help candidates feel confident before an interview. Create a board to help candidates stay positive in their job search. We all know finding a job is tough in the economy, so motivational quotes will help candidates stay motivated and in high spirits.

For the Client: 

  • Identify Who You Are: In a service based industry, it is crucial for you to have an intimate knowledge of what clients want, and how your specific set of services will fulfill their needs. Pin up images of areas that you can claim expertise and success that are directly related to the work you do and the service you provide. Create pinboards that embody you team’s characteristics and qualities. Pin up images of your business culture and what kind of business ethics your organization values.
  • Enhance Reputation and Build Credibility. Building up credentials gives clients the confidence that your company can, and will, deliver the service you’re promising. Pin images that link to client recommendations, testimonials, and success stories. Images that highlight the amount of years your business has been operating, memberships to associations, sponsorships of charities all can be emphasized using Pinterest. Fully define visually how effective or efficient your company is for your potential clients. Pin up videos that showcase your company, interviews with industry leaders, or highlight loyal customers. This will show clients that you value their business and relationships.
  • Showcase Your Differentiating Value: What makes your company unlike any other? Once you have discovered the differentiating factor, make sure you illustrate the answer so that it is meaningful for clients. Does your staffing company place the most candidates in the shortest amount of time? Do you have a high temp to perm conversion rate? Do you offer client web portals? Showcase these traits visually to emphasize why they should trust and choose your business.

Ultimately, how you decide to use Pinterest is entirely up to you. That is the beauty of Pinterest. Since it is so new, there is so much to be discovered. It is still in beta, so you must request for an invite. However, once you get up and running, play around with different ideas. Keep in mind, there are legal issues and copyright questions that arise with Pinterest, so be sure to be very clear with the Terms of Use. Happy Pinning!

Megan Curth is the Marketing Coordinator of Automated Business Designs, Inc., software developer of Ultra-Staff staffing software for the staffing and direct hire industry.  Ultra-Staff is a staffing software business solution with components for front office, back office and the web.  Megan’s email address is or for more information on Ultra-Staff go to 

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