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The Staffing Marketing Tool That Takes the Mystery Out of Marketing

Staffing Marketing ToolPreventing your brand messaging from getting lost in the chatter may be one of the most difficult challenges facing members of the staffing industry today. Your clients and candidates have no shortage of staffing firms to select from, most of which claim equal expertise or offer a comparable value proposition. To be noticed, let alone remembered, requires more than a routine message.

Contemporary marketing is built to target people on the individual level. Your staffing marketing tool should have the analytic power and maneuverability to make that happen. Here’s how the right recruiting and staffing software can integrate into your competitive marketing strategy. Continue reading

Power Marketing with your ATS!

marketing blogA day in the life of a recruiter can be quite hectic. There are many responsibilities that need to be addressed and staying on top of them is crucial. You want to be successful as an individual recruiter, but the success of the staffing company as a whole is important too. Don’t lose top talent to competitors! How do you avoid that? Write better job descriptions? Offer more benefits? Continue reading

Strategies to Make You a Staffing Industry Leader!

young-workersNow that it’s well into 2015 I hope most of you are still sticking with your resolutions whatever they may be. I am sure many of you have read that the staffing industry is going through some changes. These changes will either make or break staffing firms. It is no longer an employer driven market, but rather a candidate driven market. Now what does this mean exactly? It means that with the drop of the unemployment rate and more jobs being available, the end result is less quality talent in the marketplace. Continue reading

Jump Start 2015 with your Staffing Software

2015I can’t believe 2014 is almost over! This year has gone by way too fast if you ask me. By now, you are probably finalizing the last of your budgets and already thinking about 2015. On January 1st everyone has defined new goals that they want to achieve for the New Year, whether it be to lose 20 pounds or learn to better budget their money. How about as a company? Continue reading

Check Out How Marketing Automation Tools Can Help Your Staffing Business Grow!

marketingStaffing professionals are always busy with placement tasks, leaving little time for marketing to expand business opportunities. This is especially true for small businesses whereas everyone usually has to “pitch-in” with other departments and tasks. Marketing automation software is an option that may be considered by staffing firms when they are looking to make a big marketing impact. Continue reading

Write Better Recruiting Emails that Candidates Will Respond To

recruiting emailsRecruiting emails and messaging are usually the ice breaker in contacting and connecting with candidates. However, many emails go unnoticed. How can recruiters tailor the perfect email with a high response rate?

If you’re looking for a a straight forward solution, or an easy fix, this is not the blog post for you. This blog post won’t provide a no set-in-stone way for recruiters to develop a 100% response success rate for their email efforts. However, there are some things you can do that can increase your chances of getting a response from you candidates. Continue reading

Inbound Marketing for Staffing Agencies: Why It Is Not a Waste of Time

Inbound Marketing forThe sales game has changed. The days of heavy reliance on cold calls, paid advertisements, and direct mailers are gone. Now, customers have access to an endless world of information on the Internet, making their own purchase decisions before ever stepping foot in a store. Buyers are now barricaded, equipped, and armed with the powerful weapon of knowledge. Now they call the shots. Outbound marketing tactics are just not as successful as they once were, and companies now have to figure out how to reach prospects without spending valuable time, money, and extraneous resources. Continue reading

A Crazy Little Thing Called Social Media

A Crazy LittleLet’s face it: social media is here to stay. 88% of business owners said social media increased their exposure, and 72% said it increased traffic to their site. Facebook has over 500 million users, with at least 50% of daily activity. It is the perfect opportunity to increase company exposure, customer engagement, and lead generation.  Twitter has 106 million users, and 67% of brand followers are more likely to make a purchase.  57% actually recommend brands and services through tweets. Mashable’s Social Media by the Numbers infographic highlights the impact social media can have on a company—if done right.   Continue reading

Tips for Marketing Your Recruiting and Staffing Firm Online

This is a guest post by Andy Granger:

Recruiting and staffing firms have two types of clients–companies interested in hiring and people looking to fill open positions–and it so happens that the easiest way to reach both audiences is online. The internet is a very valuable marketing tool, and once you know how to use it to your advantage, you can really make your firm stand out from the rest. Here are some of the many ways you can market your recruiting and staffing firm online in order to bring in more business and broaden your client base. Continue reading