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ABD Clients are our Business Partners

ABD is a staffing software company with a mission to provide a product and service combination of the highest caliber to help our customers’ businesses grow. Ultra-Staff is an ever evolving staffing software solution designed to provide long-term value. ABD’s business plan is tailored to cultivating client relationships for a lasting business partnership.

30+ Year History

For over 30 years, ABD has served the staffing and recruiting industry as a staffing software company. ABD is one of the most reliable vendors in the industry. Automated Business Designs, Inc. (ABD) was founded in 1982 as a software development company. From its very inception, ABD’s primary goal was to provide staffing software products and services that would put ABD to the forefront of its competition. Another main goal was to focus specifically on the staffing industry, so that the company could dedicate all research and development efforts to one specific market – staffing and recruiting.

WBE_color_rgb_web_PABD has received national certification by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).  WBENC’s national standard of certification is a meticulous process including an in-depth review of the business and site inspection.  The certification process is designed to confirm the business is majority owned, operated and controlled by a woman or women.

Long-term Success and Commitment to Staffing Software

Automated Business Designs, Inc. is committed to recruiting & staffing in every way. Historically, Automated Business Designs has sustained a large budget for research and development. ABD’s research never stops and the development process for staffing software never ends. ABD continuously enhances and develops new software solutions to serve the staffing industry. The development team at Automated Business Designs, Inc. has expertise in industry operations and trends. ABD’s staffing software solutions are designed to enhance the staffing process from beginning to end. Where others have come and gone, ABD remains a strong staffing software solution provider.

Ask ABD Clients

Talk to ABD customers to find out about ABD’s professionalism and industry expertise. ABD customers can tell you more about how Ultra-Staff has helped their business and how you can team up with the best staffing software company to begin your success story.

We Make Software for Staffing Companies

ABD offers a portfolio of comprehensive staffing software products and services designed to help staffing companies capitalize on growth. We design and deliver mission critical staffing software solutions deployed at staffing firms nationally.  If you have enterprise needs, rest assured Ultra‐Staff is powered by enterprise level technology. If you are an entry level company, you can compete with the “big guys” with Ultra‐Staff.  ABD has years of experience implementing high level software solutions in enterprise type environments. Ultra‐Staff is engineered for functionality, purpose and long‐term growth & expansion. ABD is a Microsoft Certified Partner.

Because of ABD’s long‐term relationships with customers, ABD has gained considerable knowledge and understanding of the staffing industry. Armed with this critical information, ABD is able to align the core capabilities of Ultra‐Staff with customer business needs. Continuous innovation, high product quality and the ability to address the ever‐changing staffing industry requirements has kept ABD in the limelight for staffing software for over 30 years. Our story is that of experience, reliability and enabling clients to reduce time to market and cost.

Innovation is of major consequence at ABD. Our dedicated group of technical experts is chartered with technology innovation so that development efforts are constantly challenged. ABD rolls out multiple new products and innovative technologies each year. ABD’s strategic initiative is to deliver competitive business technology solutions exclusive to staffing and recruiting. Servicing the staffing industry is our only business. We build, execute and support.