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Social Media

How to Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Social MediaIn the past there were many ways to be successful in a business. Now social media is one of those key factors in order to help grow a company. When a consumer wants to learn more about a company, they research the company through the internet to read reviews and receive feedback from other consumers. With this in mind, companies looking to grow are teaming up with social media to help. Of course, in order to be a successful company with the use of social media you will need to do more than just send out a few posts on their Facebook wall. In order to be effective with social media the following should be considered. Continue reading

Medical Staffing Trends: Social Media and Mobile Cannot Be Ignored

A combination of demographic, economic, and supervisory changes is driving a new demand of the job positions within healthcare, creating fields that didn’t even exist in the industry 10 years ago. These external factors are transforming the available positions and changing the process of healthcare recruiting, placing a greater stress on hiring demand and an emphasis on fast placement of qualified talent. Continue reading

Social Recruiting: What Not To Do In Social Media Recruiting

social media recruitingUsing social media for recruiting candidates is becoming a mainstream strategy among staffing and recruiting agencies. 60% of recruiting companies predict social recruiting to be the next evolution in recruiting strategies. If you are incorporating social recruiting – and have absolutely no results – you may want to look at your efforts in a new light. There could be a couple mistakes that are easy fixes. Continue reading

Viral Marketing & LinkedIn®

LinkedIn“Viral Marketing” is a term used to describe techniques that use social media in order to increase brand awareness and various other marketing goals. Typically, this type of marketing will appeal to individuals that have high social networking potential. The key to this type of marketing is that “word will spread” by individuals communicating within a “social network”. One of the most popular networks for business is LinkedIn®.

LinkedIn® when used creatively can yield big results. The best part of this is that it is one of the most low cost advertising methods available. The worst part of it is that it takes some time and effort. Although social media can be very effective for “viral marketing” the results will take some time. First, you have to create your LinkedIn® account. Generally, accounts take on two formats: business and personal. As one may imagine, business and personal accounts get “linked” so that even a more promising group of connections can be established. Continue reading

How to Use Pinterest for Staffing and Recruiting

pinterest circle logoPinterest is the hot new social media site that has everyone up in frenzy. It is the fastest growing web site in 2012. The site reached 10 million unique monthly U.S. visitors faster than any other site. That is pretty amazing. In February, it has been recorded that Pinterest drove more traffic to online publishers than Twitter. Pinterest has now raised the question for companies across the board: How can Pinterest work for me? Pinterest has the potential to be a huge traffic driver for business services like staffing. Here’s how staffing and recruiting agencies can incorporate Pinterest. Continue reading

Inbound Marketing for Staffing Agencies: Why It Is Not a Waste of Time

Inbound Marketing forThe sales game has changed. The days of heavy reliance on cold calls, paid advertisements, and direct mailers are gone. Now, customers have access to an endless world of information on the Internet, making their own purchase decisions before ever stepping foot in a store. Buyers are now barricaded, equipped, and armed with the powerful weapon of knowledge. Now they call the shots. Outbound marketing tactics are just not as successful as they once were, and companies now have to figure out how to reach prospects without spending valuable time, money, and extraneous resources. Continue reading

How Staffing Software Can Be A Recruiter’s Best Friend

How Staffing SoftwareIt is no surprise that the world is evolving rapidly. The Internet is now the main hub for information, communication, and connection. Social media is not only used for connecting with friends and family any more. It is has now become one of the main sources for recruiters to find, connect, and network with potential candidates and clients.

Staffing software developers are following these trends as well, taking note of where recruiters from staffing and recruiting companies are spending the majority of their time to find that perfect potential candidate. As social media has expanded its reach to multiple audiences, staffing software is integrating with social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, to help recruiters streamline their hiring strategy. Continue reading

Tips for Marketing Your Recruiting and Staffing Firm Online

This is a guest post by Andy Granger:

Recruiting and staffing firms have two types of clients–companies interested in hiring and people looking to fill open positions–and it so happens that the easiest way to reach both audiences is online. The internet is a very valuable marketing tool, and once you know how to use it to your advantage, you can really make your firm stand out from the rest. Here are some of the many ways you can market your recruiting and staffing firm online in order to bring in more business and broaden your client base. Continue reading

Keep Up With Internet Savvy Clients and Candidates

In speaking with some college grads you may hear, “Let me follow your Twitter® for a while so I can see what types of jobs you offer”. When that happens does a “thinking cloud” appear above your head that says, “Follow me on Twitter®? I don’t post jobs on Twitter®! What do I say?”

How about a client that wants to run reports on the business they do with you on your “portal”? Does another “thinking cloud” appear? How about the new employee that wants to know how to post job orders to CareerBuilder® directly from your software?

Situations are coming up that were not an issue just a few short years ago. It seems that technology is progressing so quickly that before you implement a solution yet another technology issue arises. How do you keep up? Continue reading