Automated Business Designs & Text-Em-All Release Job Accept Integration

By Jennifer Roeslmeier Mikels

November 3, 2020

Staffing industry partners release new integration that allows candidates to accept job offers right from within a text message.

Automated Business Designs partnered with Text-Em-All to develop a unique Job Accept Texting Integration within Ultra-Staff EDGE staffing software. All users of Ultra-Staff EDGE and Text-Em-All will now be able to text job offers to candidates and candidates will be able to accept the job offer right from within the text message.

“Texting has become so vital in the staffing and recruiting industry,” said Terri Roeslmeier, President and CEO of Automated Business Designs. “It’s easier for candidates to communicate through texting and recruiters receive a quicker response from a text message versus if they sent an email or left a voicemail. This integration will help speed up a recruiter’s time to place candidates and allow them to work more efficiently.”

The integration not only allows candidates to accept job offers, but all activity is logged within the journal notes in Ultra-Staff EDGE. When a job invitation is sent to a candidate or candidates, a contact activity is logged and the status is automatically updated. This status can be named based on the staffing company’s preference, but an example of this status could be, “Offer.”

In the text message invitation, recruiters can note the start day/time, end day/time, hourly rate, and more! Anything that the recruiter wants to communicate about the position they can include. The key part of the invitation though is having a clear call to action, such as “Are you interested?” If they reply, “Yes”, the contract activity is automatically changed in Ultra-Staff EDGE to “Active.” If the candidate replies, “No” then the contract activity would be changed to the negative response.  Text-Em-All also uses machine learning to teach the system what a yes or no answer could look like. For example, if someone replies with “sounds good!” or “yep”, Text-Em-All will recognize that as a “yes” and make the proper updates.

Additionally, what is great about the integration is that recruiters can send job invitations in bulk to candidates. If a recruiter needs to fill many positions, they can easily perform a candidate search in Ultra-Staff EDGE and select the candidates from the search results they would like to send the invitation to. They can even personalize each invitation to address each candidate by name. Having the ability to send job invitations in bulk to candidates is truly a game changer for Ultra-Staff EDGE and Text-Em-All users.  Furthermore, recruiters can create text message templates to save time. This avoids needing to compose similar messages from scratch with each invitation.

“Modern recruiting teams have to adapt and be agile during these challenging times. Because of this, these teams depend on their technology partners to work together and create new solutions to help them fill jobs quickly,” said Jonathan Melton, Account and Partnership Manager at Text-Em-All. “We see Job Invitations as just the first step into a much bigger world of workflow messaging and are thrilled to be taking this journey with ABD.”

To learn more about the integration, contact ABD at or call 847-671-3303.