How Recruiting Software Automation Frees Recruiters to Place Candidates

By Terri Roeslmeier

September 19, 2016

Identifying high-quality candidates is a time consuming process.

Investigating referrals, social media, and job boards diverts recruiters from where their efforts matter most: in candidate interactions and submissions. Those routine candidate sourcing duties squander the creativity and intelligence of a recruiting team on robotic tasks. Recruiting software automation empowers recruiters to focus on productive tasks that enable the most placements. And staffing and recruiting software can provide the solution.

Customizing Messages without Wasting Time

Upon opening a recruiting email, a candidate’s gut response matters. If they sense they’ve received a stock form letter, most will outright reject an otherwise good job opportunity as spam. Yet complete customization of every recruiting message is wasteful – only 20.17% of recruiting messages are opened and 2.30% get any clicks on the link you’ve sent.

Personalized salutations have been the norm for years, so addressing a candidate by name is not enough. Using the data within your recruitment CRM, the ideal demographics for any given position can be targeted based on their precise skill sets, job titles, locations, and work history. Narrowing the target audience dispels the feeling that candidates received a piece of mass marketing, thereby increasing response rates without consuming your team’s time.

Parsing Candidates Faster than Before

Most staffing software is designed to scan and parse resumes, automating a tedious part of the candidate sourcing process. Yet there is data relevant to the parsing process that slips through the cracks.

Increasingly, artificial intelligence and cognitive computing features push the boundaries of data gathering. Think of the average Boolean search. Recruiters who understand these searches effectively garner candidate resumes that align with the core and preferred job requirements. However, depending on the position, there can be hundreds or thousands of resumes to review, leaving potential candidates unassessed.

New innovations in automation are allowing staffing software with AI features to import resumes simply by posting a job. The moment the job is posted, complete staffing software reviews the web for compatible resumes of passive candidates and begins to automatically import them into your database. Prospects are then included in any future searches of your internal databases.

Marketing at the Speed of Light

Marketing time is better spent on the strategic activities than the drone work. A decisive staffing marketing tool computerizes the more mechanical tasks and allows recruiters more time to think of where to focus their efforts.

Ads are posted to job boards in one quick click. Rather than manually posting jobs on several social media sites, one click in the ATS’s dashboard broadcasts to several boards at once. Recruiting software automation now prescreens and qualifies candidates as they apply, lifting the burden off of recruiting teams.

The ability to automatically post jobs is only the start. Using automation for sourcing candidates maximizes the potential of marketing lists stored in your staffing software. Traditionally, recruiters would search for candidates that fit their parameters, sending out messages to those who qualified. Yet that work is equally tedious.

Staffing software automation now sends pre-qualified candidates notifications about open jobs. What about spam filters? They’re only a problem for businesses sending out mass emails. The best software paces itself, sending messages one at a time. For a human sender, this activity would be a massive time waste, but an automated process will happily repeat its task to completion, saving recruiters hours of time.

How to Start Using Recruiting Software Automation

As competition increases within the staffing industry, greater productivity is becoming the secret weapon of many firms. Recruiting software automation speeds the screening, selection, and marketing process of prospects to unparalleled levels. Job orders are filled faster, the volume of placement increases, and revenue figures flourish. Any piece of staffing software that fails to incorporate artificial intelligence elements is missing serious opportunities.

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