How To Handle a Data Conversion After a Staffing Merger/Acquisition


March 7, 2011

Our company is going through a merger/acquisition and I am concerned because we will be going through a data conversion to new software? I am on the software conversion team. Any tips?

It is normal to be concerned about moving to new software that you are unfamiliar with.
As part of the conversion team your primary focus should be working with the new company in order to determine what you want to convert and if it is feasible. Outline in detail the most important items that you would like to convert.

Next, make sure that you and the rest of the team are trained on how to use the new system. Try to keep an open mind and lead the team with a positive attitude. You may find that you like the new software better or at least that you can still do your job effectively using it.

Planning and acceptance are the most important components of any software transition.

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