General Staffing Software vs. Industry-Specific Staffing Software


March 2, 2006

What is the difference between an industry-specific staffing back office software product vs. off-the-shelf?

Let’s begin by saying that both types of software will produce checks and invoices. As staffing software packages continue to evolve, new features of varying degrees of usefulness continue to be added, including new functions for billing, payroll, candidate selection, credentialing, and every other facet of the staffing industry. 

What sets them apart is the ability to satisfy specific industry needs. The temp business is fast-paced and requires a lot of flexibility in the software. Temporary staffing software needs to be flexible in terms of candidate choices as well as billing and invoicing, as new developments can arise on any given day, and having industry-specific staffing software can help to alleviate these issues before they arise.  For example: customized client invoicing, specialized client pricing, on demand paychecks, special format paychecks, industry-specific tax calculation considerations, front to back office integration, etc. Software for staffing firms, whether generalized or industry-specific, should have these features. 

Healthcare staffing software must address unique challenges such as stringent regulatory compliance, credential verification, shift scheduling, and facility-specific requirements. For example, if you’re in the business of staffing nurses, your staffing software should be able to check credentials, verify them, provide context on specializations, and adapt to the various complexities that arise in the healthcare sector. The software should also be adept at managing complex shift patterns, including last-minute changes, to accommodate the 24/7 nature of healthcare services. Additionally, features like automated compliance alerts, integration with healthcare facilities’ systems for seamless data exchange, and detailed reporting for hours worked, billing, and patient care quality are essential.

For light industrial staffing, the software must cater to the unique demands of this sector, including high-volume hiring, shift management, and safety compliance. Key features for light industrial staffing software include efficient handling of large-scale employee databases, rapid candidate screening and onboarding, and robust scheduling tools to manage multiple shifts and job sites. The software should excel in tracking employee certifications and training, particularly for safety-sensitive positions, ensuring compliance with industry regulations. Additionally, it’s vital for the software to facilitate real-time communication between the staffing agency, clients, and temporary workers, accommodating sudden changes in staffing needs. Tools for accurate timekeeping and job-costing are also crucial, as they help manage the complexities of billing and payroll in environments where overtime and shift differentials are common.

Staffing back office software can also address a number of specific reporting requirements. For example, true gross margin reporting, workman’s comp, client usage, hours worked and billed and much more.

In addition, AR needs may be different. For example, handling a check from multiple client locations that pay for invoices ranging across multiple bill-to account #’s.

The staffing business is all about service and industry-specific back office software enhances the ability to provide such services in a major way, making staffing software for specific industries far more valuable in the right context than a similar generalized staffing software package could provide.

Every industry is unique, and while the staffing business touches the majority of industries, not all staffing software packages are created equal. You’ll be able to save yourself a lot of time, stress and energy by selecting a staffing software package that addresses the idiosyncrasies of your industry, even if it does take slightly more time to select the software package upfront. 

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