Industry Specific Staffing vs Off-The-Shelf Back Office Software


March 2, 2006

What is the difference between an industry specific staffing back office software product vs. off-the-shelf?

Let’s begin by saying that both types of software will produce checks and invoices.

What sets them apart is the ability to satisfy specific industry needs. The temp business is fast-paced and requires a lot of flexibility in the software. For example: customized client invoicing, specialized client pricing, on demand paychecks, special format paychecks, industry specific tax calculation considerations, front to back office integration, etc.

Staffing back office software can also address a number of specific reporting requirements. For example true gross margin reporting, workman’s comp, client usage, hours worked and billed and much more.

In addition, AR needs may be different. For example, handling a check from multiple client locations that pay for invoices ranging across multiple bill-to account #’s.

The staffing business is all about service and industry specific back office software enhances the ability to provide such services in a major way.

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