Maintaining Your Database


August 4, 2010

Our firm just acquired another company including their database. Much of the information is dated. What is the best way to maintain a database?

There are many ways to effectively accomplish this.

First, when your people make phone calls, have them ask questions about the company, including confirmation of employees, phone #’s, email addresses, etc. Have them update the information immediately. They should also ask for current resume copies. Some software will allow you to update skills, etc. from a newly imported resume — without data entry.

Next, have a part-time person go through the database to make calls & update the database. They can work on information that is in the system as well as add new leads that you did not have.

Comb the internet for new information on your clients and candidates and update system notes for the next conversation. You may even find out something that initiates the need to call them. For example, an article relating to expansion plans for client companies.

A database with current information opens doors for securing current as well acquiring and assessing new business opportunities.

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