Mobile Recruiting Software: Why Recruiters Can’t Live Without It

By Terri Roeslmeier

July 25, 2016

What’s the single most powerful recruiting tool you have? It might very well be your smart phone. At least 64% of adult Americans own a smart phone and what we can access with them is near limitless. For example, almost every recruiting task (candidate/client calls, emails, research, and updates to staffing and recruiting software) is possible via one pocket-sized device. In fact, mobile recruiting software is making a shift in the staffing industry, introducing new capabilities and revamping old strategies for a new generation. Here’s why recruiters can’t live without its incredible features:

1.) Candidates Can Reach Out at Any Time

The needs of clients and candidates aren’t limited to office hours. How many candidates do you know who are confined to sneaking return calls on their lunches or breaks or chatting on their commute home? For recruiters and candidates in the same time zone, those times tend to overlap, so the ability to take a quick call and also while accessing the entirety of a recruitment CRM has incredible potential.

A well designed mobile recruiting application can run alongside an ongoing call. Having the ability to phone clients built into the platform doesn’t force applications juggling to make a call. Sales notes can be inputted into the mobile recruiting software on the spot, making new updates instantly accessible for every other desktop or mobile user. These tools and others help recruiters ensure that the stars align and that candidates are contacted when the hour is right.

Exceptional talent in our current candidate market requires the ability to pounce before their attention is called elsewhere. Mobile accessibility allows recruiters to reach candidates when they’re most receptive.

2.) Face to Face Communication Can Make a Comeback

In recruiting, face-to-face interactions are making a comeback. Because so many recruiters rely heavily on digital tools, meeting a client in person sends a message that their business matters. But when your entire recruiting software suite is tethered to your desktop, the prospect of going out into the world takes on added risk. Smartphones have given recruiters a wireless leash to visit clients where they work and that’s a huge advantage.

Our brains are naturally oriented to face-to-face communication. On the neurological side, we haven’t caught up with email, video conferencing, and telecommunication. We still absorb information and build bonds better when we can read the facial expression and gestures of business partners. Now, we’re not suggesting that recruiters get in touch with their Amish side and ditch digital technology, but we are encouraging that they use the full capabilities of mobile recruiting software.

The complete CRM is accessible on-the-go. Job orders can be entered as they’re gathered. Resumes can be forwarded to hiring managers while you’re sitting in the room with them. Notes can be reviewed in a client’s lobby or another placement can be worked while you wait for your scheduled appointment. It’s a rare situation, but you can really get the best of in-person and digital communication in one shot.

3.) Hiring Processes Can Finally Speed Up

Businesses everywhere are facing a prolonged hiring period. These days, the average job remains open for 27.3 days, a record high for the U.S. workforce. Some of that sluggishness stems from businesses adding more interviews to the process or hesitating between candidates. Yet the ability of staffing and recruiting agencies to move even faster through candidate screening, interview scheduling, and candidate/client communication still has an advantage.

It’s the instantaneous updates of mobile recruiting software that makes it such a productivity booster. New clients, job orders, candidates, or notes added are accessible to everyone on the team within moments. Assignments can even be accessed to help keep recruiting sales goals front of mind. And when a position is closed, a recruiter out in the field can instantly turn on a dime and start working on other job orders.

How to Test Mobile Recruiting Software

Mobile staffing applications are increasingly common. Across the board, 62% of businesses have their own mobile application, so the odds are good that your staffing software vendor has one ready or one in the works. Because so much of the recruiting process can be done via smartphones, it’s so important to evaluate the layout, features, and functionality of mobile recruiting software as part of your demo. Until you’ve test driven it, the pitch about a mobile app doesn’t give you the full picture.

Looking to experience great mobile recruiting software? Contact us to set up an Ultra-Staff staffing software demo. We’ll show you complete staffing software – from front office software features and back office accounting to mobile functionality and reporting in a straightforward session.