How to Monetize Your CRM Software Investment

By Terri Roeslmeier

March 8, 2022

Whatever your business model, you can benefit monetarily by using CRM (Customer Relationship Management Software). This crucial tool allows you to craft a marketing plan that recognizes each customer as an individual with distinct buying habits, needs and appeal. No IT budget can afford not to include CRM.

What is Customer Relationship Management Software?

But first, let’s clear up the common misconception about this type of software. Most people think of CRM as a tool for sales people and order takers. Nothing could be farther from the truth. By injecting CRM throughout your organization, you make serving customers a company-wide endeavor. After all, isn’t it all about the customer?

How Does CRM Benefit a Company?

CRM will increase everyone’s responsibility to serve the customer. Personalized relationships will ensure that you are always reaching the people that are most interested in your products. Making sure that customers and prospects receive excellent service is a priority item that translates into additional money added to your bottom-line.

Isn’t CRM about last contacts and follow-ups? Isn’t this a sales and marketing function? The answer is yes but a strong CRM model takes this a step further. That’s where a complete staffing software application can really make a difference.

Sales and marketing requires time and money and everyone is too familiar with how long it takes to acquire a new account and how quickly that business could be lost with just one slip-up. If the customer consistently receives invoices in the wrong format, doesn’t get usage reporting that they would like or temps often no-show or fall-off the assignment – you could easily lose that business to a firm that is more adept at handling these issues.

What Can CRM Software Do For Staffing Companies?

The business of staffing is more difficult than it looks. It is not “just search and match”.  There is a high degree of effort that goes into every single placement made whether it is temporary, contract or direct hire. Each placement has a follow-through that must occur in order for it to be successful. How can this be accomplished in the realm of a busy day that is chock full of activities? The answer is CRM.

Every organization has the potential to filter CRM throughout the organization with a good staffing software product.  Impressive service can be easy.

Important CRM Features for Staffing Companies

  • Automatic text messaging to remind candidates about their assignment or interview
  • Regular emails to customers that ensure customers feel valued and satisfied
  • Usage reports available on a web portal or mobile device for clients 
  • Ability for candidates to provide availability on the web or through mobile

How Can CRM Software Help Accounting?

Accounting can benefit by following up on invoices using a contact manager complete with daily planner follow-ups. Accounting can serve by automating the process of figuring out which customers get a specific invoice format or which want their invoices emailed vs. mailed. This allows accounting to participate in the revenue stream in a big way. It also makes sure that customers receive excellent service.

Think of the positive impact of that having invoice and check information available for front office staff. Why continue to take orders for customers that do not pay? Good customers will not have to wait for accounting to get back to them – immediate answers lend to a great customer experience. Great customer experiences lead to more revenue for your firm.

6 Important CRM Benefits:

  • Peer recommendations are some of the most important considerations when customers choose to do business with a company. Make sure you give customers a reason to say good things about you by using CRM.
  • CRM makes your company more efficient overall, so it is a great cost-cutting tool. Saving time yet servicing customers better translates into a more profitable company.
  • CRM helps you to build more profitable business relationships because you maximize customer interactions.
  • You can manage marketing budgets using CRM because you can track campaigns across multiple channels. With various marketing techniques, you can decrease marketing costs while at the same time increase your exposure to prospects and clients.
  • CRM allows you to focus on specific customer needs so that you can improve target marketing and get to the right people.
  • CRM gives you a complete history of events that took place with a client from the time you started doing business with them. This is invaluable information that can help you identify opportunities and personalize your communication with your customers.

A customer-centric enterprise always uses CRM and CRM is NOT just for salespeople.  Take a look at Ultra-Staff EDGE by Automated Business Designs, Inc. for your CRM needs.

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