Never used a Staffing Software? Looking for a new one?

By Nancy Nesti

March 31, 2014

I recently started the second phase of my life. I had been in the staffing industry for half of it; all at the same company.

Temporary, temp to hire, direct hire. Taking the order, filling the order, interviewing, testing, training, on boarding and payroll. Moving a temp from one assignment to another; tracking what requirements are necessary for all clients, making sure all temps were current, who needed to update something…. God forbid you put someone out on an assignment with a missing requirement! That was not an option! Direct hire/permanent placement-working with the best of the best and placing them. Operations management; scouring over the quarterly and annual numbers –office by office, division by division by division or the company as a whole. And, oh yes… sales, sales, sales. I will admit I am one who loves selling; as long as I have a solid product to back me up 110%-which is why I stayed where I was at for so long.

I wasn’t looking when the call came in. It was from Tim, a recruiter I had spoken to 6 or more months ago. He asked if I was looking for a new position. I thought about it for a few seconds and then asked, “Why? What do you have?” He then proceeded to tell me he just wanted me to listen and just “hear him out”. He had a Sales Manager opening for a company that sells staffing software solely to the staffing industry. Hmm, this sounded intriguing. Same industry, in a sense. I knew everything about the staffing side of the business. It would not interfere with what I was currently doing – I would not be considering moving over to the competition. That is something I would never listen to.

What the heck, I decided to check it out.

After my first interview I was hooked. Similarly sized company; locally owned and operated. The owners were fantastic! They are still heavily involved with the company on a daily basis; giving it their all and simply looking to continue the growth of the company. Not only would I be in management, I would also be selling.

The second interview went even better! I got a “demo” of the product. Simply amazing! When can I start?! Not only does it have everything in it to run a temporary, temp to hire and/or a  direct hire business, it covers far more industries than I ever could have imagined would have a dedicated company to staff them. Clerical, administrative, light industrial/day labor, IT, engineering, medical, accounting, finance, legal, in addition to Dr.’s, librarians, fashion, not for profit, truckers, people in jail going out on daily assignments and many others.

And yes, it tracks all sales. All clients you would have worked with in the past. When was the last order? What was their spend? What are/were their mark-ups? Was there a contract on file? Who called them last and when. What transpired? Have they verbally or via email been informed of new products available? You could literally see anything and everything you wanted to and then some. A daily planner, customizable views and reports. Keep an eye on all of your sales staff; assign them calls to make in addition to special projects-all through the same system. Not only regarding the clients, past, present and prospects; you could also do the same with all of the applicants. And it automatically updates all areas in the system.

Research and development is a daily constant, on-going area. They listen to their clients. They are at the forefront of introducing new upgrades – did I mention they are free? Along with free training webinars?

Mobile apps, what an easy way to take care of before and after hours call ins, new orders, cancelled orders. When you are out visiting a client…who else is in the area? You can make all the notes you want to on your phone or tablet. New orders go straight to the office to get worked on, or can look right there yourself to see who is available.

The list of things you can do with our system is endless! Why wouldn’t you want to invest in our product?

Click on the link below to find out more on what Ultra-Staff covers for staffing software!


Nancy Nesti is a National Sales Manager at Automated Business Designs, Inc., software developer of Ultra-Staff staffing software for the staffing and direct hire industry. Ultra-Staff is a full-featured business solution with components for front office, back office, mobile and web suite. For more information on Ultra-Staff go to