Should I Create a Social Media Policy?


February 3, 2012

With the rising popularity of the internet and social media, I hear it’s a good idea to have policies on usage?

You are correct. Most companies are beginning to put Social Media and Internet Use Policies in place. This can be a separate manual or part of your corporate handbook.

Internet usage for personal reasons is difficult to enforce in the workplace. Block sites that you feel should not be accessed. If you have a personal usage policy the rules must be clear and you have to make sure to enforce them. Otherwise, even if violated you can only enforce up to the general norm that you have allowed even if it is not aligned with the policy that you set.

For social media, take care to avoid lawsuits and be very specific regarding what is acceptable and what is not. Always state that employees must include that postings are their personal opinion and not the opinion of the company represented.

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