5 Video Marketing Ideas for Your Staffing and Recruiting Company!

By Sarah Greene

April 9, 2018

Videos have TAKEN OVER social media in the last few years! If you’re on any kind of social media you probably know how easy it is to find yourself watching video after video, from “how-to” recipe videos, that always look way easier than they actually are, to my personal favorite, videos of adorable animals.

People spend hours scrolling through their social media pages, and videos are quickly becoming the most popular type of post. With hundreds of millions of people watching Facebook videos every day, it could be your best bet to attract some amazing candidates and even clients.

I know creating videos for your brand sounds scary, but it doesn’t need to be; the best part about starting your own video marketing program is almost anyone with a smartphone can create eye-catching videos nowadays!

When it comes to figuring out what kind of videos to create, my advice is to make videos about what you know. Have a conversation with your audience. The more natural the video is the more authentic it will feel to the viewers.

Here are a few video marketing ideas to get you started on marketing your staffing and recruiting agency to candidates and clients:

1. How-to Videos

Do you have a blog post about applicant resume tips? What about great advice on how to ace an interview? Bring your tips to life by making them into videos! You could even make them into a video series. For example, every Tuesday you could have a different recruiter share their favorite interview or resume tips and post it on social media with the hashtag #TuesdayTips.

2. Live Q&A

Alternatively, you could turn your advice videos into a live Q&A.  Live videos are extremely popular according to Social Media Today, people watch a live video three times longer than one that was prerecorded. You can pick a topic and then have followers ask relevant questions. Live videos are also a great way to build up excitement. Announce that you’ll be doing a live Q&A a few days in advance and have your followers start thinking of some questions. If you’re worried about turnout, you can even have followers submit questions beforehand, so you don’t run out of material too quickly.

3. Brand Video

Make a video explaining who you are and what you do as a staffing and recruiting company! Let your future clients and candidates see who you are! This can be an interview with your CEO or you can even explain the process of how your team takes an open job order and then fills it (This will help both candidates and clients see why they should work with your staffing company.)

4. Day in the Job Video

Work with your clients to create a simple but effective ‘Day in the Life’ video. The video should be a short presentation of what the main tasks and functions of the open jobs would be. Show someone going through the motions and feature some of the highlights of the job. Applicants will be more eager and confident when they can actually see what a day on the job will be like.

5. Company Culture

Does your client have a stunning office? Exceptional Benefits Package? Great perks? A company culture video is a great way to easily sell a job to a candidate. If you have a client with awesome company culture have them show it off!

Marketing with videos truly makes a difference. When you post a video on Facebook, rather than a photo your post could have up to 135% more of an organic reach, according to a recent study. That means any type of video your team creates will have an impact on your overall online engagement.  This list is just the beginning of how you can use videos to promote your staffing business, so get creative and press record.

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