Steps to Prevent Viruses From Infecting Your Software


September 12, 2011

My computer is always getting viruses? I am afraid to use it now.

Viruses are a big concern but identity theft and financial loss may also be imminent if you continue to have this problem.

First, get some good anti-malware software and keep it updated. Malware is basically malicious software that could plant a virus or steal credit card and/or banking information. You must protect yourself from the perils of the internet.

Next, do not visit illegal music or movie sites, provide social security or birthdate information for contests or otherwise or put sensitive information in emails. Do not open unexpected possible spam emails with enticing messages. Keep information guarded on social media sites. Limit friends on social sites. Use strong passwords.

The internet is a fantastic tool. Like all tools stay educated on its use and take measures in order to use it effectively.

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