A Whole New Workforce: How to Keep Millennial Candidates Engaged

By Jennifer Roeslmeier Mikels

August 25, 2020

Millennials otherwise known as Generation Y, have now become the largest group of professionals in the U.S. Labor Force, making up 1/3 of employees. ¹ These are individuals that were born between the years 1981 and 1996. While I was surprised to hear that millennials now have the largest population in the workforce, it does … Continued

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

By Natalie Chrapla

December 19, 2014

Did you ever notice how people seem to be a little more cheerful around the holidays?  It could be because this year the staffing industry did exceptionally well and the unemployment rate dropped to 6.1%, according to the American Staffing Association. With this great news, the staffing industry has plenty of reason to celebrate — … Continued

Why we love Halloween at our office and you should too!

By Natalie Chrapla

October 28, 2014

Halloween can be celebrated in many different ways. Some enjoy watching scary movies and attending haunted houses, while others enjoy going to Halloween costume parties, or even spending time with their little ones going trick-or-treating. What about celebrating Halloween at the workplace?

Health Care Reform – What Does This Mean for Your Staffing Company?


February 6, 2013

Under the Employer Shared Responsibility provision of the Affordable Care Act, large employers must begin offering affordable health care coverage to full-time employees, or face certain penalties. At this time, we do have proposed regulations released by the Obama administration on Dec. 28th. While nothing is finalized yet, employers can begin to get an idea … Continued

Candidate Onboarding is Hot

By Terri Roeslmeier

November 22, 2010

The topic of interest at your next cocktail party may be, “So what are you doing about Onboarding candidates?” What will you respond? Onboarding is the process of integrating new employees into your organization. The process generally begins with a job application and perhaps a resume. Complete Onboarding, however, is a harmonious flow of activities … Continued