Using Your Software to Succeed in Bad Economic Conditions


March 24, 2009

I am in panic mode because of the economy. How can my computer system help me survive?

First, don’t panic. The one sure thing about the economy is that eventually it will get better. You can plan on that.

Position your company. First, power market using your database in order to get as much business as possible now. Even if your phone call does not result in an order, it can provide valuable information for your immediate use when things get better.

The more you know about your client prospects and candidates, the better chance you will have of being one of the first to secure business when times improve. The worst thing that you can do is only focus on now. Yes, it’s important to stay afloat but you must think ahead. Set those follow-up dates for your planner.

Document and categorize everything in your system. Have you had to let people go? Hopefully, all of what they learned about your prospects and candidates is in your system. It is imperative to have everyone enter all information so that it is secure and remains with the company.

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