Web Designing Trends of 2011


August 24, 2011

 This is a guest post by Conroy James, Expert Content Writer with expertise in Web Design, Ecommerce Web Design, Website Redesign, Custom Web Design, Bidding Website, Link Building and Social Media Content:

The web design world has experienced many changes over the past few years. The trends of 2011 are inspirational and should definitely be mentioned. These trends are generally flexible because the internet does not rely on laptops and desktops anymore to be accessed. Nowadays, people are able to access the internet and browse through their favorite websites by simply using smartphones, tablets or other devices that are enabled to access the internet.

These days, designers need to keep these things in mind as well. The best web designer is the one who incorporates an element of flexibility to cater for the myriad of devices used to access internet. Some of the latest trends of web designing are given below.

     1.      3D Effect

The 3D effect has also found a place in the web designing world. With the 3D effect, sensitivity creates a dimension that enables the users to feel as if some portions of the web design are coming out of the screen. While the other parts seem like they are present at a very large distance. This effect is useful in highlighting the best and most essential parts of your website.

     2.      One Page Layout

Currently, many one page websites are seen. These websites comprise of a single page that is used to present all the important information. This trend is very cost effective and is ideal if you plan to create personal websites.

     3.      Simple Design

It is believed that if the message that you plan to convey is worth receiving and listening to, you would not need an elaborate web design to make it distinguished. Therefore, try to have a simple and plain web design. However, while designing a simple web page, keep in mind that the design should be simple and not boring. Therefore, the design and color scheme of your website should be managed in a way to ensure that it retains the simplicity and the actual message of the website.

     4.      Big Footers

Big footers are still in use and they are easily considered to be the most used web design trend. It can be easily used to add in extra information on your website.

     5.      Typography

For web designing, typography always plays an important role. Most designers consider typography to be a very essential trend for web designing.

     6.      Large Headers

The trend to use large headers has gained attention again because for visitors and website users, it is the most visible part of the website. The user might plan to prolong the stay for 10 seconds simply because of the usage of headers. Therefore, big headers play a vital role in gaining the attention of users.

      7.      Black and White Icons

Icons form a very important part of the web design. Therefore, the best web designer would make sure that icons are presented in an attractive manner. Currently, the trend regarding icons is using black and white icons.


Therefore, while designing websites, it is best if you keep in mind the current web designing trends. These trends will allow you to create the best website for your clients.

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