Why Back Office Staffing Software Is Your Secret to Simplified Accounting

By Terri Roeslmeier

January 31, 2023

What’s the value of your staffing software once a candidate is placed? Has it exhausted all of its features long before your accounting department gets involved? Or is there a seamless hand-off from your front office to the back office team like two relay runners exchanging a baton? The difference between vendors who offer back office staffing software and those who don’t is striking.

Reviewing employee classifications, producing financial statements, balancing the general ledger, preventing fraud, and verifying time captures get overlooked by most staffing software companies. Rather than splitting your recruiting and accounting tasks between tools, here’s how a strong back office staffing software side can overcome accounting challenges.

You Can Address Your Specific Needs

We know that accounting tasks will vary between businesses. Of course, every example of back office staffing software will handle issuing checks and invoices. Those elementary features (and even some aspects of staffing software automation) fit just about every industry. Yet is your staffing software geared toward your line-of-business? Your different branches? Your multi-corporation structure? If not, shortcomings in back office software features can complicate your situation significantly.

One issue we commonly see comes down to the difference between direct and temporary staffing. If your staffing firm deals with both, you will need multiple invoice formats to successfully process them with clients. You can’t jury-rig the forms to include incompatible billing structures. You need back office staffing software that fits your exact needs.

Another complicated situation, deals with the multi-corporation structure. One of our staffing agency clients has had to adopt two different EINs, one for their business staffing and the other for industrial staffing. The goal was to keep workers’ comp expenses under control for the business side which doesn’t need comprehensive coverage.

However, they still want to review the collective ledgers and run gross margin reports across the business. Without a custom-built staffing software solution to handle their needs, our clients would be dealing with a mess. That’s why it’s so important for back office features to be adjusted to your specific needs, not cranked out with assembly-line indifference.

You Can Cut Redundant Software

We know accounting software can be divisive, but what if you could process income statements and balance sheets without even using QuickBooks? The value of streamlined processes is hard to ignore.

Take Ultra-Staff EDGE back office staffing software as an example. Our users can produce financial statements from their back office portal, immediately posting updates to the general ledger. No need to import data into your accounting software or manually plug in information. More important, information from the general ledger can then feed into reports and data visualizations, helping to make the right decisions apparent.

You Can Check on Reports with Ease

Want branch or division managers to view gross margin reports without getting bogged down with full financial management features? When your back office staffing software is integrated with the front office, the ease of use goes both ways.

For example, if a manager wants to view paychecks, invoices, or even gross margin reports for their division, they shouldn’t have to be granted access to the back end. A good staffing program can provide easy access to that information through a desktop and mobile application and the reports through a user-friendly dashboard.

Though giving managers access to your accounting software is not a difficult process, it definitely creates opening for hackers. With your financials, the fewer people who have access to the whole picture, the better. That’s why good staffing software will only present managers with information necessary to them without putting more in-depth data at risk.

Finding Your Back Office Staffing Software

Bottom line, what the back office side of your staffing software can do is just as important as the front. It should be equally tailored to deal with your unique business conditions, capable of handling the brunt of accounting challenges, and built to share invoices and reports with ease. With all that in mind, what are your options?

Try Ultra-Staff EDGE, which offers the full complement of front office and back office software functionality. Schedule an Ultra-Staff EDGE staffing software demo today and see the difference that the best back office features in the industry make.