Talent Management: Managing your Greatest Assets with Staffing Software

Talent ManagementTalent Management, a term developed in a 1997 study by McKinsey & Company, is the process of recruiting, retaining, and developing skilled employees. People are a Staffing Company’s greatest asset. Having a pool of qualified applicants ready to work is invaluable. An online recruitment management system is an integral first step in finding and assessing a large pool of qualified applicants.

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4 Big Mistakes to Avoid With Your Staffing Data

Big DataDo you consider yourself a hoarder? You may be thinking to yourself: “I’m not like one of those crazy people on cable TV!” Really? What if I were to toss your cell phone in the trash, delete your Social Media accounts, and wipe clear your computer. Just the thought of losing all your personal data might be enough to break out in a cold sweat. In reality, we’re all hoarders, but our obsession lies with a different type of collection: data. Continue reading

Power Marketing with your ATS!

marketing blogA day in the life of a recruiter can be quite hectic. There are many responsibilities that need to be addressed and staying on top of them is crucial. You want to be successful as an individual recruiter, but the success of the staffing company as a whole is important too. Don’t lose top talent to competitors! How do you avoid that? Write better job descriptions? Offer more benefits? Continue reading

A Novice’s Guide to Cloud Computing

cloud-300x300Cloud vendors are experiencing growth of 50% per annum. Software vendors that can’t offer a cloud solution are being classified as “dinosaurs” equivalent to a candidate that cannot be placed. Everyone wants to be on the cloud because “the cloud is the place to be.” Most businesses are either using a cloud solution or seriously exploring it at this time.  Being on the cloud is today’s way of doing business. As technology needs increase the only logical way to handle that need is through a cloud computing solution.


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