Millennials are a Key Component in a Business

Business MeetingWith more than half of Americans with smartphones it is obvious that technology continues to grow. Millennials are the only generation who had technology at their fingertips for their entire life. Many people say that Millennials don’t understand the simple basics of the work field. Other generations also state how technology can only help so much and that you need actual skills in order to be successful. Of course, they are right about some of these things that yes you can’t rely 100% on technology. Millennials do need to be taught on adapting to the work environment. Once this is finalized watch out! Millennials can be a huge impact on the success of your company. Continue reading

How to Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Social MediaIn the past there were many ways to be successful in a business. Now social media is one of those key factors in order to help grow a company. When a consumer wants to learn more about a company, they research the company through the internet to read reviews and receive feedback from other consumers. With this in mind, companies looking to grow are teaming up with social media to help. Of course, in order to be a successful company with the use of social media you will need to do more than just send out a few posts on their Facebook wall. In order to be effective with social media the following should be considered. Continue reading

Never used a Staffing Software? Looking for a new one?

Staffing SoftwareI recently started the second phase of my life. I had been in the staffing industry for half of it; all at the same company.

Temporary, temp to hire, direct hire. Taking the order, filling the order, interviewing, testing, training, on boarding and payroll. Moving a temp from one assignment to another; tracking what requirements are necessary for all clients, making sure all temps were current, who needed to update something…. God forbid you put someone out on an assignment with a missing requirement! That was not an option! Direct hire/permanent placement-working with the best of the best and placing them. Operations management; scouring over the quarterly and annual numbers –office by office, division by division by division or the company as a whole. And, oh yes… sales, sales, sales. I will admit I am one who loves selling; as long as I have a solid product to back me up 110%-which is why I stayed where I was at for so long. Continue reading

Using Your Staffing Software to Streamline Operations

Staffing Software

Staffing companies want to leverage their efforts when it comes to client service, and your staffing software solution can help if properly deployed.

Do you have an online application easily visible on your website? Applicants can be processed directly into your software 24-hours a day, and streamline your application intake process. The onboarding function of your staffing software can check for duplicate applications, allow for custom electronic forms to be signed, and let returning applicants update their profiles. Continue reading

Gain an Edge on the Competition with Your Staffing Software

Ahead of the competition.Are you looking to gain an edge on your competition in the staffing industry? Maybe you just want to acquire more clients or expand your services. Your staffing software might be the best place for you to start.

A fully functional staffing software solution is a vital component for any company that is looking to expand and grow their operations. It is a tool that every employee of the firm can use whether it is your Account Manager, Staffing Specialist, or Receptionist. Your software solution should be full-featured and provide your clients and applicants convenient ways to work with your team. Continue reading

Using Your Staffing Software to Jumpstart Your 2014 Sales

Jumpstart Your 2014 Sales

Now that the New Year has arrived, sales professionals need to develop a clear sales strategy and plan for the upcoming year. First, analyze sales for the prior year. Who were your top customers? Where did new sales leads come from? What sales trends can be noted? What product line was a high performer? Your software should report on this, so organize and examine data to uncover where the most opportunity exists, and apply efforts efficiently going forward. Continue reading

Using 40% of Your Staffing Software?


No one ever buys anything with the intent of using a small percentage of the product. Generally, when one makes a major purchase there is a good amount of research involved and desired features are scrutinized for efficiency and effectiveness. There may be yes/no checklists involved, various conversations with the vendor and many product demonstrations. People do this because they are planning on using the features that they will be paying for. Why is it then that most companies only use 40% of the features their software contains?

Continue reading