Jump Start 2015 with your Staffing Software

2015I can’t believe 2014 is almost over! This year has gone by way too fast if you ask me. By now, you are probably finalizing the last of your budgets and already thinking about 2015. On January 1st everyone has defined new goals that they want to achieve for the New Year, whether it be to lose 20 pounds or learn to better budget their money. How about as a company? Continue reading

4 Reasons why picking a Staffing Software is like picking a Fantasy Football Team…

footballSummer is over and do you know what that means? It’s football season! Time to gather your friends and spend the next 6 months watching and hoping your team will make it all the way. Although if you are really into football then you already have a fantasy football team picked out. For those of you who are not familiar with fantasy football, it’s a competition between people who pick real NFL players from different teams to star in their own team. Every week you are allowed to switch, trade, and draft players in and out of the roster.   Of course, this takes a lot of planning and a lot of football watching to determine who will make up your team. In a way picking out your players is like picking out a software solution. Time consuming but well worth it once you see the results. Continue reading

“Picturing Success: Elevate Your Staffing Firm With Data Visualizations”

big-dataAre you experiencing “big data” overload? Researchers have found that 90% of the world’s data has been generated since 2011. Where is all of this data coming from? Cell phone records, credit card transactions, and internet and television viewing habits are just a few examples. It is estimated that the volume of business data worldwide is doubling every 1.2 years. This explosion of big data has highlighted a crucial need to deliver better reporting solutions. As a result, many companies have turned to business intelligence and data visualization software to assist. Continue reading

“Win Big” with Great Staffing Software Support !!!

CRM RecruitingIt can be intimidating when it comes to getting new staffing software. There are many different options which can make the process overwhelming. Often overlooked in the process is product support. An excellent support team is necessary in order to ensure a smooth implementation. Staffing software support includes: Pre-installation support, thorough training, post implementation support and ongoing training. Continue reading

Staffing Software Implementation is the Key to Success!

Staffing Software Training

When it comes to tools that are essential to a staffing company’s success, staffing software is at the top of the list. Staffing software is something that every person in the organization uses in their day to day operations and the implementation of this tool is just as critical as the process of finding the right solution for your company. All too often staffing firms do not take into account the implementation, training, and data migration process when selecting a staffing software vendor. Such firms end up paying the price down the road. Continue reading

Ultra-Staff Staffing Software Client Meeting Slated for August 8th!

abd_logo_largeThe Exclusive Client Event Will Enhance Software Users’ Productivity and Profitability

 ROSEMONT, Illinois – July 09, 2014-Automated Business Designs, Inc., developer of Ultra-Staff staffing software, has announced the date of their client meeting as Friday, August 8th at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare Hotel. This invitation-only event is exclusively for ABD’s Ultra-Staff users. Attendees will be able to view product demos, experience new feature presentations, and gain valuable insight into the staffing industry.

Continue reading