How Your Recruitment CRM Revamps Your Staffing Relationships


Business people joining their handsIn the staffing industry, relationship building is a true 360 degree concern. Clients and candidates remain with a staffing partner because of the consistent customer experience they receive. Yet that experience does not happen organically. Behind-the-scenes, recruiting and sales teams use their recruitment CRM to duplicate quality across all relationships. Continue reading

Recruiting Sales Goals: How Staffing Software Can Help Hit Your Mark


Recruiting Sales Goals

How realistic your goals are depends on the set of tools at your disposal. Triathlon participants need running shoes, a swimsuit, and a working bike. Otherwise, they can’t expect to make it much farther than the starting line. Recruiting sales goals require their own set of tools, the foremost of which is high performing staffing recruiting software.

Not only does your staffing software solution provide a database for quick candidate retrieval, but it can improve the way you set your goals, keep them, and take them to the next level.   Continue reading

How Your Staffing Software Solution Wins Candidates’ Trust

Staffing Software SolutionCandidates have a choice about which staffing firm represents them. Every touch point with your company does one of two things: convinces candidates to trust you or to move their search elsewhere. Your recruiters are obviously part of that equation, but what about your staffing software solution? You better believe it.

When the staffing experience is catered to a candidate’s needs, that candidate will be faster to respond and more likely to trust your recommendations. Here’s how the best staffing software solution adds a human touch to every placement. Continue reading

Staffing for Multiple Markets? Your Staffing Software Matters

Staffing for Multiple MarketsStaffing for multiple markets takes a fair amount of finesse. Each line of business involves different approaches to finding, screening, interviewing, processing, and onboarding talent. Though the goal is always to take the client from point A (a vacant position) to point B (a position filled with a perfect candidate), the steps and strategies vary.

Successful multi-line staffing firms thrive because they have in-depth industry knowledge and staffing tools to help them switch between markets seamlessly. In fact, it’s often staffing software that keeps them speeding along without derailing. Here’s what the best staffing software tools are doing to aid multi-line staffing firms. Continue reading

Why Back Office Staffing Software Is Your Secret to Simplified Accounting

back office staffing softwareWhat’s the value of your staffing software once a candidate is placed? Has it exhausted all of its features long before your accounting department gets involved? Or is there a seamless hand-off from your front office to the back office team like two relay runners exchanging a baton? The difference between vendors who offer back office staffing software and those who don’t is striking.

Reviewing employee classifications, producing financial statements, balancing the general ledger, preventing fraud, and verifying time captures get overlooked by most staffing software companies. Rather than splitting your recruiting and accounting tasks between tools, here’s how a strong back office staffing software side can overcome accounting challenges. Continue reading

Keeping Staffing Data Secure Is Not a Lost Cause

Keeping Staffing Data SecureYour staffing business provides an appetizing target for hackers: social security numbers, salary data, and other personal information. Cybercriminals are just champing at the bit to access them. Last year alone, there were 781 reported data breaches and the average incident costed the affected business $3.8 million. We wish that our industry was immune to targeting, but wherever private data exists, hackers will be hungrily circling. However, keeping staffing data secure is not an act of futility. Continue reading

Automated Business Designs, Inc. Officially Recognized by WBENC

WBE_color_rgb_web_PAutomated Business Designs, Inc. (ABD), developer of the Ultra-Staff staffing software, received national recognition as a Women’s Business Enterprise by the Women’s Business Development Center-Chicago, a regional certifying partner of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). Certification by the WBENC provides ABD with a unique range of resources that will enhance their business and their ability to serve their clients. Continue reading

Stop Wasting Time! Let Staffing Software Automation End These Tasks

staffing software automationHow is your hiring time being spent? On simple and repetitive grunt work or on the important stuff: screening, interviewing, placing, and onboarding candidates? Routine staffing and recruiting duties don’t drive revenue or boost productivity. So why not automate them when you can?

We can all agree that both front and back office operations have excess tasks worth automating. Recruiting and staffing software can help unburden your recruiters and payroll team, freeing them to focus on thought-intensive tasks. Open positions will close faster and with greater accuracy and payroll will function like a well-maintained conveyor belt. Here are the tasks we recommend you eliminate with staffing software automation. Continue reading

5 Signs You Need to Switch Your Staffing Software

switch your staffing softwareWith so many other business concerns, your staffing software should provide you with a sense of Zen, not a throbbing headache. Sadly, not every platform is going to be ideal for your specific business. That is why we recommend saying adieu to incompatible solutions and making the move to switch your staffing software vendor if they exhibit these five bad signs.

1.) Issues with Mobility

Today’s employees are not tethered to their desktop terminals and your tools should not be either. Account managers and recruiters frequently need to provide on-site support at a client location. Mobile access to all of the regular features of your CRM means your team can enter new orders, review resumes, and correspond with clients on time-sensitive projects.  Continue reading

From Pipeline to Hire: The Difference Complete Staffing Software Makes

Complete staffing software

Exceptional staffing software does more than just store data. The best, most complete staffing software augments the abilities of everyone in your business: from hiring manager and recruiters to accounts payable/receivable. When you need to hire fast, every facet of your internal hiring mechanism needs to move with greased speed. Our experience is that the most effective staffing software delivers high performance from end to end. Here’s how:  Continue reading