A Novice’s Guide to Cloud Computing

cloud-300x300Cloud vendors are experiencing growth of 50% per annum. Software vendors that can’t offer a cloud solution are being classified as “dinosaurs” equivalent to a candidate that cannot be placed. Everyone wants to be on the cloud because “the cloud is the place to be.” Most businesses are either using a cloud solution or seriously exploring it at this time.  Being on the cloud is today’s way of doing business. As technology needs increase the only logical way to handle that need is through a cloud computing solution.


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Strategies to Make You a Staffing Industry Leader!

young-workersNow that it’s well into 2015 I hope most of you are still sticking with your resolutions whatever they may be. I am sure many of you have read that the staffing industry is going through some changes. These changes will either make or break staffing firms. It is no longer an employer driven market, but rather a candidate driven market. Now what does this mean exactly? It means that with the drop of the unemployment rate and more jobs being available, the end result is less quality talent in the marketplace. Continue reading