Staffing Software Implementation is the Key to Success!

Staffing Software Training

When it comes to tools that are essential to a staffing company’s success, staffing software is at the top of the list. Staffing software is something that every person in the organization uses in their day to day operations and the implementation of this tool is just as critical as the process of finding the right solution for your company. All too often staffing firms do not take into account the implementation, training, and data migration process when selecting a staffing software vendor. Such firms end up paying the price down the road. Continue reading

Ultra-Staff Staffing Software Client Meeting Slated for August 8th!

abd_logo_largeThe Exclusive Client Event Will Enhance Software Users’ Productivity and Profitability

 ROSEMONT, Illinois – July 09, 2014-Automated Business Designs, Inc., developer of Ultra-Staff staffing software, has announced the date of their client meeting as Friday, August 8th at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare Hotel. This invitation-only event is exclusively for ABD’s Ultra-Staff users. Attendees will be able to view product demos, experience new feature presentations, and gain valuable insight into the staffing industry.

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“Busy? Terrific Staffing Software Can Help!”

rp_Business-Man-Typing-225x300.jpgIt’s Not Too Late…You can still keep your promise to your staff and get them up and running with the latest technology in applicant tracking software.

Summer has officially arrived, the weather is warmer, the kids are out of school and your Recruiters and Temporary Consultants have been scrambling to keep their heads above water. At the top of your “to do” list for 2014 you promised yourself and your staff you would purchase new staffing / recruiting software. Continue reading

Check Out How Marketing Automation Tools Can Help Your Staffing Business Grow!

marketingStaffing professionals are always busy with placement tasks, leaving little time for marketing to expand business opportunities. This is especially true for small businesses whereas everyone usually has to “pitch-in” with other departments and tasks. Marketing automation software is an option that may be considered by staffing firms when they are looking to make a big marketing impact. Continue reading

Retain Top Talent with Mobile Staffing Software Features!

Geschäftsmann in Stadt am Tag telefoniert lachend mit Smartphone

With more and more college graduates flooding the job market, the option of temporary work should not be overlooked. There are many misconceptions of what temporary positions offer employees and the pros are commonly ignored. A temporary assignment gives workers flexibility in their schedule, a chance to pick up new skills, and the opportunity to have a staffing specialist work for them to find the perfect job. Staffing agencies are always looking to fulfill the needs of their clients with the most qualified candidate. Continue reading

Another Successful Year at the Midwest Staffing Conference

 2014 Midwest Conference Logo

As a Platinum Sponsor of the Midwest Staffing Conference last week, Automated Business Designs had a terrific opportunity to share information about Ultra-Staff Staffing Software. The event was hosted by the Illinois Search & Staffing Association (ISSA) and the Wisconsin Association of Staffing Services (WAAS) and took place in downtown Chicago. The event was attended by almost 150 industry professionals from all over the Midwest. The conference is a great forum for staffing industry specialists to hear and learn from professional speakers on how to become a better recruiter. Continue reading

Millennials are a Key Component in a Business

Business MeetingWith more than half of Americans with smartphones it is obvious that technology continues to grow. Millennials are the only generation who had technology at their fingertips for their entire life. Many people say that Millennials don’t understand the simple basics of the work field. Other generations also state how technology can only help so much and that you need actual skills in order to be successful. Of course, they are right about some of these things that yes you can’t rely 100% on staffing software technology. Millennials do need to be taught on adapting to the work environment. Once this is finalized watch out! Millennials can be a huge impact on the success of your company. Continue reading