ABD Staffing Software Set to Save Clients Thousands in Taxes with Clarus Solutions Integration

ABD Staffing Software Saves ThousandsInnovative Staffing Software Integrates with Workforce Consulting Firm to Simplify Tax Reductions

ROSEMONT, Illinois – Automated Business Designs announced that their Ultra-Staff staffing software now integrates with Clarus Solutions’ Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) solution, promoting staffing firms to take advantage of windfall tax credits through a simple, straightforward process. Continue reading

How Recruiting Software Automation Frees Recruiters to Place Candidates

Recruiting Software AutomationIdentifying high-quality candidates is a time consuming process.

Investigating referrals, social media, and job boards diverts recruiters from where their efforts matter most: in candidate interactions and submissions. Those routine candidate sourcing duties squander the creativity and intelligence of a recruiting team on robotic tasks. Recruiting software automation empowers recruiters to focus on productive tasks that enable the most placements. And staffing and recruiting software can provide the solution. Continue reading

8 Strategies for Building Talent Pipelines in a Changing Market

Building Talent PipelinesWhere will you find your next great candidate? That’s a question that’s getting increasingly difficult to answer. Continued talent shortages and a staffing industry that is growing 2.5 times faster than the U.S. economy are changing the market for good.

Keeping talent pools plentiful will require greater ingenuity from recruiters and even wider funnels to ensure consistent placements. But building talent pipelines for the changing world does not require firms to reinvent the wheel; it just requires them to recommit to these eight strategies. Continue reading

Mobile Recruiting Software: Why Recruiters Can’t Live Without It


Mobile Recruiting Software

What’s the single most powerful recruiting tool you have? It might very well be your smart phone. At least 64% of adult Americans own a smart phone and what we can access with them is near limitless. For example, almost every recruiting task (candidate/client calls, emails, research, and updates to staffing and recruiting software) is possible via one pocket-sized device. In fact, mobile recruiting software is making a shift in the staffing industry, introducing new capabilities and revamping old strategies for a new generation. Here’s why recruiters can’t live without its incredible features: Continue reading

ABD Named to 2016 Chicago’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For®

Chicago’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work ForStaffing Software Provider Earns Acclaim in Chicagoland Area for an Innovative Culture of Employee Engagement

ROSEMONT, Illinois – Automated Business Designs (ABD), developer of Ultra-Staff recruiting and staffing software, has earned recognition on the 2016 “Chicago’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For®”, joining an elite list of Chicagoland businesses dedicated to both employee engagement and exceptional service. The National Association of Business Resources selects winners based on their commitment to enriching employees’ lives and building stronger communities in addition to the incredible solutions and services they provide. Continue reading

The Staffing Marketing Tool That Takes the Mystery Out of Marketing

Staffing Marketing ToolPreventing your brand messaging from getting lost in the chatter may be one of the most difficult challenges facing members of the staffing industry today. Your clients and candidates have no shortage of staffing firms to select from, most of which claim equal expertise or offer a comparable value proposition. To be noticed, let alone remembered, requires more than a routine message.

Contemporary marketing is built to target people on the individual level. Your staffing marketing tool should have the analytic power and maneuverability to make that happen. Here’s how the right recruiting and staffing software can integrate into your competitive marketing strategy. Continue reading

Why You Wish You’d Made the 2016 Midwest Staffing Conference

Midwest Staffing Conference 2016It’s true that we appear at our fair share of staffing and recruiting events. Getting to meet and mingle with amazing staffing professionals is one of the best parts of the job. There’s an energy in our industry that makes conferences refreshing, even with all of the hard work that goes into preparation.

In fact, that’s why our ABD team loves attending and cosponsoring the Midwest Staffing Conference every year and we can barely wait to get involved next year. Continue reading

How Your Recruitment CRM Revamps Your Staffing Relationships


Business people joining their handsIn the staffing industry, relationship building is a true 360 degree concern. Clients and candidates remain with a staffing partner because of the consistent customer experience they receive. Yet that experience does not happen organically. Behind-the-scenes, recruiting and sales teams use their recruitment CRM to duplicate quality across all relationships. Continue reading

Recruiting Sales Goals: How Staffing Software Can Help Hit Your Mark


Recruiting Sales Goals

How realistic your goals are depends on the set of tools at your disposal. Triathlon participants need running shoes, a swimsuit, and a working bike. Otherwise, they can’t expect to make it much farther than the starting line. Recruiting sales goals require their own set of tools, the foremost of which is high performing staffing recruiting software.

Not only does your staffing software solution provide a database for quick candidate retrieval, but it can improve the way you set your goals, keep them, and take them to the next level.   Continue reading

How Your Staffing Software Solution Wins Candidates’ Trust

Staffing Software SolutionCandidates have a choice about which staffing firm represents them. Every touch point with your company does one of two things: convinces candidates to trust you or to move their search elsewhere. Your recruiters are obviously part of that equation, but what about your staffing software solution? You better believe it.

When the staffing experience is catered to a candidate’s needs, that candidate will be faster to respond and more likely to trust your recommendations. Here’s how the best staffing software solution adds a human touch to every placement. Continue reading