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“Win Big” with Great Staffing Software Support !!!

CRM RecruitingIt can be intimidating when it comes to getting new staffing software. There are many different options which can make the process overwhelming. Often overlooked in the process is product support. An excellent support team is necessary in order to ensure a smooth implementation. Staffing software support includes: Pre-installation support, thorough training, post implementation support and ongoing training. Continue reading

“Busy? Terrific Staffing Software Can Help!”

rp_Business-Man-Typing-225x300.jpgIt’s Not Too Late…You can still keep your promise to your staff and get them up and running with the latest technology in applicant tracking software.

Summer has officially arrived, the weather is warmer, the kids are out of school and your Recruiters and Temporary Consultants have been scrambling to keep their heads above water. At the top of your “to do” list for 2014 you promised yourself and your staff you would purchase new staffing / recruiting software. Continue reading

Let’s Talk Resumes

Let's Talk ResumesEverything pretty much starts with a resume. Even if a physical resume is not received some type of resume profile must be put together before an applicant can be placed. There are many different options to consider in the process of getting resumes entered into your staffing and recruiting database.

A very basic option is to have the applicant fill out a paper application, get some preliminary skill information and manually key the applicant data into your software. Because this may be more work than is necessary, most firms are selecting other options. Continue reading

No Rest for the Weary

It’s true that the economy has loosened up a bit and most staffing and direct hire companies are not feeling quite as tightly squeezed as earlier in the year. As the atmosphere improves, however, be watchful of going back to old bad habits.

There are always bright signs to a bad economy. We realize who the real players are within our organizations as they shined even when economic conditions were less than ideal. Our procedures were perfected as we maintained more focus and diligence to secure business. As the environment improves, think of how much more successful we can all be if we maintain the stride. Continue reading

Make Every Minute Count!

Everyone is “recessioned out”, but efficiency will put time and money back on your side. Put a plan into place that will help you regain control of time.

First, it is important for everyone on your team to know your product. That means really know your product. It is said that 80% of business success is having the right people in place. Staffing clients with the “right people” on a temporary or direct hire basis can mean the difference between your client’s success or failure. There is no better value than the investment in a strong team of people. It is also true that you must know your customer so that you are completely adept at determining which people are right for them. That being said, it is time to go about the business of staffing and direct hire placement. Continue reading

The Ultimate Time to Recruit

Recruiting seems a little silly at this time. If there is one thing there is no shortage of is applicants. However, this is a crucial element that cannot be overlooked. All signs point to an improving economy and when the bubble bursts, employers will be scrambling for high quality candidates.

Because there are so many candidates available now, there is no better time to recruit. This is an extensive process because finding the “best” is no effortless task. When the time comes that you have an abundance of job orders to fill, competition will be at its peak. The one to get the fill will be the company that has the highest quality candidate. Employers will be able to afford to be picky. Continue reading