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American Staffing Association

The American Staffing Association has been the voice of the U.S. staffing industry since 1966. The ASA operates nationwide through public relations, education, legal and legislative advocacy, and high standards of legal, ethical, and professional practices. ABD has been providing staffing software solutions to it’s members and has been one of the longest vendor members of the ASA since 1989.

Illinois Search & Staffing Association (ISSA)

The Illinois Search and Staffing Association is comprised of professional staffing firms that work together while effectively networking within the industry about legal legislation and educational opportunities. ABD plays an active role in this association as a Board Member while working together for the common good of the industry.


National Association of Personnel Services

The National Association of Personnel Services has been the staffing industry educator since
1961 and enjoys its reputation as the oldest industry association. We continue to maintain the
position as the search and staffing industry educator through our certification program, continuing
education initiatives, eLearning and our annual conference.

Microsoft Certified Partner

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, ABD commits to focusing on creating innovative solutions for our customers while serving their every need. The Microsoft Certified Partner program is focused on companies that provide Microsoft-based IT services and products to corporate, government and small- or medium-sized businesses.


CareerBuilder is one of the largest and most powerful online job board sites with its presence in 55 countries and more than 22 million unique visitors a month looking to find new jobs and get career advice. Our partnership allows for a uniform integration with resume parsing and job board posting that will benefit all staffing and recruiting companies that utilize these tools.

Monster is a premier global online employment solution that is used for a full array of job seeking, recruiting, and talent management services. Our partnership allows Ultra-Staff users to fully utilize the resources that the job board pioneer has to offer incorporating it with the automation of our software. Ultra-Staff is integrated with Monster’s Classic Resume Search as well as the Power Resume Search which allows seamless resume retrieval into Ultra-Staff. The Monster Job Posting integration provides a comprehensive solution for real-time job posting directly from Ultra-Staff onto the Monster job board.


Sovren is the premier provider of multi-lingual enterprise-class resume/CV parsing and fourth-generation semantic searching and matching software worldwide. Sovren provides the best software to the best names in HR. ABD has integrated Sovren parsing technology into their Ultra-Staff Recruiting Software to gain the productivity benefits of automated data extraction.

Prove It!

Prove It! gives you the power to identify and select the most talented candidates and employees through their skills and behavioral assessments. ABD works hand in hand with Prove It! to allow for the seamless entry of basic skills and test results into our clients Ultra-Staff software system.

ADP Payroll Interface

ADP payroll interface makes it easier to keep track of employees’ wages, paid time off, and tax filing. With their expertise, you can avoid making mistakes.
ADP Tax Credit Services helps employers administer various federal, state and local programs. These include the Tax credit Program and I-9 Program.

Application Verification

Built on solid fundamentals, Application Verification, Inc. (AV) is a background screening company as well as a nationally accredited comprehensive full-service human resource support organization. Application Verification’s cutting-edge technology allows for delivery of a clearly defined objective: Provide the best technology and data quality, and guarantee customer’s that the information received is accurately reported in a timely manner.


Asurint offers a better approach to background screening solutions. Asurint’s proprietary technologies create comprehensive background screening services that meet the needs of businesses & government entities. Asurint leverages relationships with court systems, in-the-field researchers, and law enforcement to provide the most detailed & accurate information. Asurint’s commitment to quality, accuracy, and innovative technology results in a dramatically efficient background screening process. For more information contact


BackTrack is among the nation’s most experienced and most respected employment screening firms. BackTrack understands the importance of making a great hire. Don’t take the risk and hire talent without a thorough background check, drug test, and assessment test. provides pre-employment screening services nationwide to a varying range of industries, from small businesses to Fortune 500/1,000 corporations. They routinely screen a high volume of applicants annually and provide accurate, up-to-date information that meets relevant legal requirements. They value our relationships and constantly strive to provide high quality services at competitive rates.


E-Verify is an Internet-based system that allows businesses to determine the eligibility of their employees to work in the United States. E-Verify is fast, free and easy to use – and it’s the best way employers can ensure a legal workforce.

Clarus Solutions

Clarus Solutions is dedicated solely to helping businesses and communities maximize the multi-faceted benefits of the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (“WOTC”) incentive program. Our solution includes an electronic screening tool, all the back-end authorizations and is delivered with the forms necessary to claim the credit. All benefits are delivered without fixed costs, and fees are contingent upon certified tax credits.

Essential StaffCARE

As the largest provider of health insurance and benefits, Essential StaffCARE provides an exceptional health insurance program providing basic services without a deductible or co-insurance. There are numerous products that are customized to real life situations. More employees enrolled in ESC are more likely to stay with their employer, which leaves a positive impact on that staffing firm.

Epay Systems

Epay Systems is not just another time and attendance system for employees. Being unique is their specialty! Having the capability to be flexible with customers and affordable is what makes them different from the rest. They are the leading cloud-based time and attendance system.

Equifax Tax Management Services

Equifax knows where to look for tax credits and incentives. We assemble all available intelligence on incentives at the federal, state, and local levels and combine that information with proprietary database technology to identify all credits available to each of your locations. Let us combine our technology and expertise to achieve optimal results to contribute directly to your bottom line.

  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) – Leverage technology to streamline process and increase screening percentage.
  • Location Base Incentives – Provide customized incentive analysis for all employer locations, and align that to all available tax incentive capture opportunities.
  • Research and Recovery – With the challenge of monitoring ongoing tax changes to tax credit and incentive programs across various states of operation, employers may have overlooked previous opportunities to secure tax savings.

Expert Pay

Expert pay allows paying for child support hassle free. As the employer, it gives you access to automatically submit an electronic payment and have it deducted out of the employee’s check. Save time on transactions and be able to maintain employee’s payment information.


An instinctive cloud-based Vendor Management System to elevate a flexible workforce. Fieldglass is the largest VMS provider in the industry. With the capability to manage labor across many industries such as IT, healthcare, and other specialized areas.


Insight wants you to be able to find the best talent out there. Their behavioral and psychological assessments will help you find the best talent who is a good fit for your business. No need to worry about what kind of candidates you’re hiring. Learn to avoid an employee turnover by thoroughly evaluating talent.


At Jantek meeting customers’ needs and providing a satisfying product is one of the many things they offer. Jantek supplies time and attendance and shop floor control systems, access control systems and security related products to private industries and government institutions.


Known as the global leader in delivering workforce management solutions in the cloud. Kronos offers a wide variety of services including labor analytics, mobile solutions, absence management, and many more. With thousands of customers in more than 100 countries, they help organizations of all sizes and industries better manage their workforce in the cloud. offers an extensive list of products designed to help eliminate negligent hiring lawsuits, reduce fraud and deter workplace violence. Whether your expertise is in human resources, loss prevention, real estate or non-profits, their services will provide great benefit.

My Timeforce

Recognized as the easy to use time clock software. iSolved Timeforce is a time and attendance system allowing you to gather and organize your employee time data correctly. With iSolved Timeforce, you will no longer have to worry about manually collecting payroll information.


Peoplenet is the one-stop-shop for time management in the staffing industry. Their clients provide services in everything from light industrial and healthcare to IT and finance, tackling the most challenging aspects of the staffing industry; including the creation of more efficient ways to manage VMS and MSP. Automated Business Designs and Peoplenet have created a seamless bi-directional data exchange between the systems. The frequent flow of data not only eliminates dual entry and maintenance of data, but also optimizes internal business processes. New assignments are created in the front office, regularly sent to Peoplenet, and quickly made available for time capture. Click here to get started or call (800) 434- 9517 to learn more.

SafeGuard Background Screening

SafeGuard Background Screening, LLC is a leading provider of employment screening and drug testing services throughout North American and over 220 countries worldwide. Their flexible background screening solutions help businesses mitigate risk, realize greater morale & productivity, and reduce accidents, absenteeism, downtime, turnover and theft.


Stromberg is a leading provider of time and attendance software solutions for mid- to large-sized companies. An intuitive solution permits supervisors to regulate employees on things like attendance and labor data, allowing operations to run much more efficient. With the use of Stromberg, customers are able to improve productivity every day.


No matter what your needs are as a worker’s compensation insurance company, SUNZ has the expertise. Offering fast turnaround to your concerns and knowledge that you need. With all the complications like medical costs and fraud, you want an insurance company that will help get your staffing firm to the top.


TimeTrak offered the industry’s first fully-integrated software for automated timekeeping. They always address the needs of businesses by evolving more influential client applications. Some of the functions offered are scheduling, data collection, and real-time labor data.


Our goal is to deliver the most reliable service at the lowest possible price consistent with our high standards of quality. This goal along with our dedication to excellence and continuous process improvement has propelled VRAIN to its pre-eminent place as the leader in earning tax credits for our clients since 1975.


ZipRecruiter is the fastest way to post jobs for talent to see. It notifies candidates immediately when a job is posted and allows recruiters to post to multiple job boards with one click.


TempNet is an association comprised of independently owned and operated staffing firms and industry providers that offer education, business support, and camaraderie throughout the country.