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What can CRM staffing software do for my organization?

First, remember that CRM is for everyone not just sales. CRM makes your organization more efficient overall. Make sure everyone uses your CRM software, especially accounting and customer service. Improve collections, invoicing and service. This is why a complete staffing software product is better. Manage marketing budgets with CRM. Increase channel marketing and get more coverage by utilizing email, text message, postcards and phone follow-ups. Decrease marketing costs and increase coverage. Target market using CRM to get your brand and message to the right people. Identify opportunities and personalize customer and prospect communication by collecting data on all actions and events related to them. CRM gives you this capability.

For more on productive staffing software use and other topics of interest, go to and click on Products, the ABD Blog or call ABD at 800-944-4223. ABD is the developer of Ultra-Staff software, which is used nationally by thousands of satisfied staffing and direct hire users.

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