Software Client Meeting Preparation


April 15, 2005

I am going to a software client user meeting. Is there anything I need to prepare?

This is an excellent question. To get the most out of such a meeting it is good to do a little planning before you go.

1) Make a list of questions that you would like to ask other users. This could consist of unique situations you have that you would like to improve, general questions on how other users perform certain functions with the software and perhaps general industry questions.

2) Get lists from other users in your organization that are not attending. They may have needs that you can attempt to address by talking to the staffing software firm or other attendees.

3) Make a wish list of items you would like to see in the staffing software . Talk to people at the software  firm and other users to see what they think. There are plenty of networking opportunities during breaks and lunch for this.

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