Report Generation Help


January 14, 2005

I can’t find any reports that I like in my software. The information is there, but I can’t get it out!

You have many solutions available to you. First, speak to your staffing software vendor about the type of reports you need. Often times if other clients have asked for similar reports, they will include them in an upgrade at no extra charge. They may even have a similar report in their library, and would be willing to download it to you.

If your vendor cannot help you with the reports that you require, check with your vendor to see if you are using an open architecture database such as SQL Server. With this type of database, you can create your own reports with a compatible report writer. Your vendor can advise you on which report writers are compatible. The drawback to this is that you need an internal individual that understands files and can learn the report writer, with time to work on reports. The big plus is that you can design your own reports.

Last, your vendor may be willing to write custom reports for you at an extra charge. You should get a written quote that identifies the charge and exactly what you will be getting.

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