New Call-Em-All Features Available in Ultra-Staff EDGE!

By Jennifer Roeslmeier Mikels

August 27, 2019

Texting candidates and clients has never been so easy. We are excited to introduce new Call-Em-All features now available in Ultra-Staff EDGE!Call Em All Ultra Staff EDGE Texting

Ultra-Staff EDGE‘s integration updates with Call-Em-All are so vast, it’s almost not even fair to call them mere “updates”.

The teams at Ultra-Staff EDGE are proud to reveal an entirely new way of sending out mass messages with Call-Em-All’s Broadcasts. To give you a brief glimpse into what’s now available inside Ultra-Staff EDGE, we’ve compiled a few of the biggest updates below:

  • Want to change things up or have landlines who can’t receive texts? Full voice messaging to your experience.
  • Need to text a map to the next interview or a photo of what uniform the associate needs to be wearing? Photo messaging is now available for your mass messages.
  • Have a template text or voice message that you want your teams to use to keep branding consistent? Go right on ahead.
  • What about inserting in the first name of each associate right into the body of your text message, to give each text the personal feel of being written by their recruiter? We’ve got you covered.

From all of that to scheduling mass messages in the future or using Call-Em-All’s transfer call feature, we cannot wait for you to enjoy all of this starting today.

Both Call-Em-All and Ultra-Staff EDGE are here to answer any questions your team has on Broadcast messaging. Plus, if your team wants any training or demonstrations, we’re here to help guide you through the finer points.

Learn more about Call-Em-All’s integration in Ultra-Staff EDGE HERE.

Ready to have the Call-Em-All integration?  Reach out to the ABD team today!