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June 17, 2014

With more and more college graduates flooding the job market, the option of temporary work should not be overlooked. There are many misconceptions of what temporary positions offer employees and the pros are commonly ignored. A temporary assignment gives workers flexibility in their schedule, a chance to pick up new skills, and the opportunity to have a staffing specialist work for them to find the perfect job. Staffing agencies are always looking to fulfill the needs of their clients with the most qualified candidate. That being said, recruiters need to find new ways of attracting and retaining top candidates. The recruiting process can be enhanced by offering applicants the convenience of working with mobile portals.

What is your staffing agency doing to better serve your candidate pool? Are you offering something that your competitors aren’t? The best staffing software solution that a firm can have will not only improve the lives of the internal staffing employee but also the individual that is representing your services while out on a temporary assignment. How is your staffing software going to help better the lives of your workforce? Through various mobile features that they can access through their smartphones!

Here are 4 resources that you could offer your candidates that will set your services apart from the rest:

1.)    Text Messaging Notifications

When notifying your labor force about new and exciting opportunities, text messaging is a quick, easy and effective way of doing so. Your staffing software needs to have the functionality to send and receive text messages while storing them in your database. This could be used for job announcements, assignment and interview reminders, or any general messages that you want your workers to see immediately.

2.)    Mobile Optimized Job Boards

When using you staffing software’s text messaging, why not direct them to your company’s mobile optimized job board? This is a place where they can search all open positions that you have posted from your staffing software directly to your company website. This will increase visibility of the opportunities your firm offers candidates.

3.)    Time Entry

How are you currently collecting time from your temporary workforce? Are you making them come into the office every week or track down a fax machine? Help simplify this process by providing them with the option to enter all time through their mobile device. Give temps access to self-service portals so they can log all time and expenses that they have incurred when working for your clients.

4.)    Easy Access to Update Availability and Schedule Preferences

The best staffing software solutions can give your workers the freedom to set their own work schedule preferences. Your firm’s candidate portals help preserve your best employees by giving them options to help manage their schedules.

These are all perks that you can offer your applicants to help win the war on talent in the staffing industry. By offering the convenience of working with your company through the features offered by robust staffing software, you are able to maintain a highly qualified candidate pool that will always represent your firm in the best way possible. Empower your candidates and you will notice the increase in quality of your services!

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checklist_1Author: Jacob Wilson is an Account Manager at Automated Business Designs, Inc., software developer of Ultra-Staff staffing software for the staffing and direct hire industry. Ultra-Staff is a full-featured business solution with components for Front Office, Back Office, Mobile and Web Suite. For more information on Ultra-Staff Mobile, download our Ultimate Guide to Mobile Recruiting!