How Your Staffing Software Solution Wins Candidates’ Trust

By Terri Roeslmeier

April 7, 2016

Candidates have a choice about which staffing firm represents them. Every touch point with your company does one of two things: convinces candidates to trust you or to move their search elsewhere. Your recruiters are obviously part of that equation, but what about your staffing software solution? You better believe it.

When the staffing experience is catered to a candidate’s needs, that candidate will be faster to respond and more likely to trust your recommendations. Here’s how the best staffing software solution adds a human touch to every placement.

Conscientious Hiring Is Good for Business

Before even speaking with a recruiter, candidates have made several decisions about whether or not to work with your firm. Strong and clear messaging on social media indicates that you are reputable. How does your application process hold up?

Every touch point should accommodate the candidate. Interfaces should be easy to understand. Resume uploads should streamline the data entry process. Forms should be simple and stick to what you need from the candidate for your first meeting. In short, the total experience should be unobtrusive and hassle-free. Staffing firms able to provide solutions at that level will build trust with candidates from the start.

What the Ideal Application Process Looks Like

What does a good candidate portal look like? For starters, it makes resume importation a breeze. The underlying staffing software quickly and accurately parses PDFs and Word documents to fill application fields. Candidates should be able to insert information and know that information will carry over to all relevant fields going forward.

Once information is uploaded, the best staffing software solutions remember candidates’ information and their location (if your company has several offices). That way, candidates can apply to other positions as quickly as you post them with no need to reupload their resume.

And when that application is submitted, the power of staffing software automation can help you send out an automated message (which you can customize, of course) reassuring the candidate that his or her application made it straight to its target.

Candidate Portals in a Good Staffing Software Solution

Providing a good candidate experience shouldn’t end once agreements have been signed and the candidate has started. For contract workers, payroll functions need to be just as comprehensible. Do staffing software solutions come into play? They should if the vendor you chose was dedicated to making a strong back office staffing solution.

For example, the back office side of Ultra-Staff provides a mobile feature where temporary workers can submit time cards, check their payroll, and even explore future positions through your company (once their contract expires). Having an integrated back office makes time card approval as simple as a few clicks. Fast action goes a long way to maintaining employee morale and satisfaction.

If you are looking for staffing software solutions that act as your goodwill campaign while speeding up your hiring, look no further than Ultra-Staff. Our complete staffing software is intuitive for candidates, recruiters, and even your back office team to use. No confusing layouts or roundabout steps to get your desired solution (and no advertising our company on your dime). Contact us today to give your candidates the best experience possible.