Stop Wasting Time! Let Staffing Software Automation End These Tasks

By Terri Roeslmeier

January 11, 2016

How is your hiring time being spent? On simple and repetitive grunt work or on the important stuff: screening, interviewing, placing, and onboarding candidates? Routine staffing and recruiting duties don’t drive revenue or boost productivity. So why not automate them when you can?

We can all agree that both front and back office operations have excess tasks worth automating. Recruiting and staffing software can help unburden your recruiters and payroll team, freeing them to focus on thought-intensive tasks. Open positions will close faster and with greater accuracy and payroll will function like a well-maintained conveyor belt. Here are the tasks we recommend you eliminate with staffing software automation.

1.) Resume Importation

We’ll be honest, earlier iterations of staffing software had their shortcomings. Every new candidate required manual input. Either the recruiter or an administrator would need to plug all the appropriate resume information into the right fields. Working hours were lost to mindless data entry, but modern resume importation features fix that.

Most staffing software auto-populate placement data when a resume is uploaded.  Some even allow for resume parsing in the OnBoarding process which greatly enhances the quality and convenience applicant data entry.  Once in the system, all major information becomes easily searchable. Better dashboards even minimize the number of steps you take to find your golden candidate.

2.) Job Posting and Social Media Sharing

We have talked about social media a lot lately, but only because it is so incredibly important to hiring in today’s market. At least 92% of companies use social media for hiring. If easy social integration isn’t an accessible feature, it is probably time to switch your staffing software.

Manually posting jobs across social platforms and job boards is a sinkhole for time. Though specific online platforms exist to streamline the social posting part (HootSuite, for example), your recruiters have better things to do with their time than post jobs.

Top-tier staffing software automation blasts jobs out on social media and job boards with the click of a button. No need to leave your dashboard. Many staffing solutions providers have built simple job and social sharing features into their interfaces, condensing your actions down to selecting which social networks are the right fit.

3.) Check Signature / Direct Deposit Email Vouchers / Web Portals

The best staffing software is comprehensive. After a placement is made, the work has just begun. Your payroll staff need to get down to the business of keeping your employees and contractors paid and happy, so saving them time is of great importance. That’s where automating check signatures adds value.

Rather than scribbling a signature on every check (depending on your company’s size, the cramps could get excruciating), your team can program a custom signature into the back office side of your staffing software. Signatures will then print as the checks do, even if you need multiple signatures on each check.

No longer printing checks? Is everyone using Direct Deposit or Cash Cards? No problem. Systems can completely integrate with direct deposit.  Further, deposit vouchers can be automatically emailed or text messaged so that employees know that payments got deposited into their account.

Portals are also offered so that all employee payments are available securely online. Payment information can be looked up through “self-service” features at the employee’s convenience. This saves time for staffing firms that would otherwise spend hours on the phone or emailing this information. The added bonus is better customer service for employees.

4.) Automatic Check Reconciliation

Dealing with manual check reconciliation is a hassle. Automated phone systems and online account portals are speed bumps that slow down your accounting division. Worse yet, mistakes from manual entry can cost time and money to fix. Auto-check reconciliation simplifies the process.

Your bank sends a check file to your complete staffing software. Your staffing software automatically reconciles the checks in the system. Mistakes are avoided and you can monitor when discrepancies occur.

5.) Payroll Service Interface

Is an outside service handling your payroll? Your staffing software should still be able to automate certain interactions with your vendors.

Rather than combing through the time clock data, you can set up the parameters of your payroll staffing software automation to automatically export to a customized file that fits with a vendor’s pay and deduction codes. Plus, you can set system criteria to export new employees in their own separate file the first time, and include them in the main payroll file for all subsequent pay periods. In industries with high turnover (hospitality, staffing agencies, etc.), this cuts down on the mental gymnastics you have to perform to keep files straight.

Getting Ahead with Staffing Software Automation

Automation of secondary tasks is the future of just about every industry. Cutting down small yet time-consuming tasks like these save time and money while refocusing and engaging employees on business relevant tasks.

Want to save even more time? Choose staffing software that works to eliminate waste from the start. We automate all of the above tasks and always pursue new features to help you focus on tasks that make up the nucleus of your business. Contact us today and we can streamline your hiring and payroll capabilities.


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