Life is What You Make It


August 4, 2011

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Life is what you make it.” People are given different privileges, opportunities and resources and at times this may seem unfair. But rather than fixate on life’s injustices, successful people make the conscious decision to leverage what they do have and keep an eye open for new opportunities. This philosophy can … Continued

How Automation Can Make You Money

By Terri Roeslmeier

July 8, 2011

 Everyone is automated.  The other day I ran across “Giggles®” software for babies.  Kids that can barely speak are keyboard and mouse savvy.  Grandparents are storing recipes, emailing and setting up Facebook® pages. Books are being read on screens.  Newspapers encourage you to read their “on-line edition”.  Offices are completely unable to function without email.  … Continued

What Happened to My Data?

By Terri Roeslmeier

March 15, 2011

For months, this is the moment you have been waiting for. It’s “live day” on the new software! Everyone has been anticipating the big unveiling. You’re nervous. After all, you had a major role in selecting the software. You’re the one that has been telling everyone how great everything is going to be. It was … Continued

The Technology Blizzard

By Terri Roeslmeier

March 7, 2011

Greater than 60,000 undergraduate students from over 400 universities nationwide choose Chicago as one of the top cities in which to work. Chicago has major employers and the city offers a variety of solid career choices. Chicago has a large and diversified economy which equates to 4.3 million employees and a GRP of over 480 … Continued

Candidate Onboarding is Hot

By Terri Roeslmeier

November 22, 2010

The topic of interest at your next cocktail party may be, “So what are you doing about Onboarding candidates?” What will you respond? Onboarding is the process of integrating new employees into your organization. The process generally begins with a job application and perhaps a resume. Complete Onboarding, however, is a harmonious flow of activities … Continued

Maintaining Your Database


August 4, 2010

Our firm just acquired another company including their database. Much of the information is dated. What is the best way to maintain a database? There are many ways to effectively accomplish this. First, when your people make phone calls, have them ask questions about the company, including confirmation of employees, phone #’s, email addresses, etc. … Continued

Setting Up Alerts via Text/Online


June 7, 2010

I have many candidates that want to be alerted about jobs through social networking sites like Twitter® or text messaging. Is there an easy way to do this from staffing software? Some staffing software vendors are offering tools within the application for job posting to social networking sites. Some sites require that you have an … Continued

Advice on Purchasing New Software


April 22, 2010

I want new software. What planning should I do? First, analyze and define your needs clearly. Next, ask software vendors to demonstrate how their software product addresses those specific needs. Once you make a software decision, make a plan depicting how the software will be used within the organization. Define new processes for each department … Continued

Make Every Minute Count!

By Terri Roeslmeier

March 20, 2010

Everyone is “recessioned out”, but efficiency will put time and money back on your side. Put a plan into place that will help you regain control of time. First, it is important for everyone on your team to know your product. That means really know your product. It is said that 80% of business success … Continued

The Benefits of Staffing Software


March 4, 2010

How can staffing software help me save time? Utilizing a staffing software solution that offers features for every scope of your business can save time and improve customer service. A staffing software solution that is fully integrated for front office, back office, social networking, job boards, email, auto-phone dialing, text messaging and your website will … Continued