Bulk Emails


November 29, 2004

What is the easiest way to do Bulk Emails? Can I make my firm’s emails unique so that they can be identified and set apart from junk emails that my clients receive daily? Should I even bother with this?

Bulk emails are a low-cost way of marketing that should take minimal effort and can produce great results. However, what and how you send will make a significant difference in success.

The original bulk email marketing concept was to send out emails to clients and prospects as a low-cost tool to supplement ads and other marketing campaigns. This is still the case, but because of the recent high volume of “junk emails”, your bulk email campaign must be more targeted and specific.

Clients who know you are one of your best targets. You can offer various promotions that they will actually look forward to receiving. Because they are your clients, if you inform them that you will be emailing, they can set their emails so that your emails come through.

Use your staffing software to store email addresses, create standard lists and to perform bulk emails quickly and simply.

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