ABD Unveils New Ultra-Staff Recruiting Dashboard Application

By Mike Roeslmeier

February 25, 2015

 ROSEMONT, Illinois – February 25, 2015-Automated Business Designs, Inc., developer of Ultra-Staff EDGE staffing software, today announced a brand-new version of its Recruiting Dashboard reporting application. The new Recruiting Dashboard suite will provide users with all of their important metrics on-demand and is a custom-built application specifically designed and tailored to fit the needs of the recruiting industry.

“We are incredibly excited to roll out the new Recruiting Dashboard reporting application,” said Terri Roeslmeier, President of Automated Business Designs. “The client feedback that we’ve received thus far has been tremendous. Customers love how easy the dashboards are to work with and enjoy being able to explore their data visually.”

The all-new Recruiting Dashboard application delivers key metrics in an easy-to-use interface that is highly customizable. Using simple drag-and-drop controls, users will have the flexibility to create personalized dashboard views to suit individual needs.

The latest version of the Recruiting Dashboard application introduces many innovative new features, including:

  • the ability for users to completely customize their recruiting dashboard layout by moving and re-sizing panels as well as the ability to delete unwanted panels entirely. Changes are saved to each user’s profile for future use and users can easily reset and go back to the default layout.
  • drill-down functionality, so users can gain greater insight into their data. The all-new drill-down feature will allow users to view the underlying data behind the various charts and graphs.
  • fast chart conversions, empowering users to quickly change chart types. Want to see a bar graph instead of a pie chart? Users can convert dashboard elements to a variety of alternate chart types in a single click.
  • enhanced export tools, allowing users to print individual dashboard panes or export them to a PDF or image file, for easy sharing.
  • improved date controls, making it easy to select custom date ranges with a dropdown calendar.
  • real-time data querying, allowing users to view visualizations populated with the latest figures without relying on the use of data warehousing.

In addition, the new Recruiting Dashboard application boasts improved performance, resulting in quicker data loading and navigation up to 30% faster. Also, an assortment of new security features gives managers the ability to assign various levels of access to users within the organization.

The new Dashboard application will be available to all current ABD customers and comes with the latest version of Ultra-Staff EDGE Staffing & Recruiting Software.

Automated Business Designs has worked in the recruiting and staffing industry since 1982. The specialized team at Automated Business Designs offers an expansive collection of service offerings. ABD’s development team exploits a distinctive blend of staffing industry intelligence and the state-of-the-art development tools available from Microsoft®.

For more information, visit www.abd.net or call +1(800)944-4ABD

Ultra-Staff is a registered trademark of Automated Business Designs, Inc.


Author: Mike Roeslmeier is the Data Visualization Specialist at Automated Business Designs, Inc., software developer of Ultra-Staff staffing software for the staffing and direct hire industry. Ultra-Staff is a full-featured business solution with components for Front Office, Back Office, Mobile and Web Suite. For more information on Ultra-Staff, take the first step with a Discovery Meeting!


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