Leveraging New Software Purchases


November 2, 2004

How can our firm get the most out of our staffing software investment? We did a lot of research in order to select a feature-rich system but it has not made that much of a difference in our operations. Do we have the wrong software?

This is a common problem. Let’s start with the assumption that you made a good software choice. Selecting good staffing software, however, is only the beginning of the process. It’s natural to attempt to use the new software as if it was the old software. The irony, of course, is that you invested in the new software because you liked it better. Take a fresh look at how your current operations will benefit by using the features of the new software. Remind yourself why you were attracted to this product in the first place.

Next, are the users adequately trained? Users cannot take advantage of new features unless they know how to use them. You will never regret investment in training.

Finally, develop metrics for system utilization. This will define company wide goals for system utilization and parameters for proper use.

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