Recruiting Sales Goals: How Staffing Software Can Help Hit Your Mark

By Terri Roeslmeier

April 26, 2016

How realistic your goals are depends on the set of tools at your disposal. Triathlon participants need running shoes, a swimsuit, and a working bike. Otherwise, they can’t expect to make it much farther than the starting line. Recruiting sales goals require their own set of tools, the foremost of which is high performing staffing recruiting software.

Not only does your staffing software solution provide a database for quick candidate retrieval, but it can improve the way you set your goals, keep them, and take them to the next level.  

Keeping Recruiters on Track

Goals are not achieved through monumental change. Success happens through incremental steps, each building upon the last. Daily goals advance weekly goals. Weekly goals advance monthly goals. Each benchmark is a building block for the next level. But keeping track of the smaller building blocks that comprise your larger goals can be difficult. That’s where the strength of your staffing software dashboard matters.

Your front office staffing software can act as an automated reminder, if you let it. You can create tasks for a given week targeting your recruiting sales goals. Recruiters can schedule reminders in their daily planners to follow up with candidates and recruiters. That way, your hiring team is kept on task and fewer potential placements fall between the cracks.

Automated Outreach

The staffing and recruiting industry today is rapid-fire. The difference between placing a candidate and getting declined relies upon speed. With that in mind, how much time can you afford to spend away from making calls, submitting candidates, and finalizing assignments? Staffing software automation can take the more tedious aspects of the recruiting game out of your hands.

For starters, you can share jobs on social media with the simple click of a button. No need to hop between accounts to spread the word to the masses. Additionally, you can compile a distribution list of applicants. Then, you can target and send out a text message or email about positions that pertain to their skill sets and career goals, all without having to switch over to your phone or email client. Self-contained software cuts waste from your day.

Mobile Recruiting Is a Must Have

Your recruiters are no longer tethered to their desks. Making calls, entering new client contacts, updating sales notes, and reviewing assignments all can happen outside of the office. For recruiters to hit their goals, time usage and collaboration need to grow progressively more efficient. A strong CRM software can be the conduit for your entire recruiting team to achieve their sales goals.

Synchronized data is the key. When one recruiter finishes up with a sales visit and has new information to add to a client’s job order, you want that information to be changed instantaneously so your team no longer searches for irrelevant talent. A CRM that can be updated through a mobile app will quickly communicate new info and allow for recruiters to start more appropriate Boolean searches.

Plus, recruiters can access the same daily planner function and schedule appointments with candidates and clients as they learn about schedule openings from calls, social media messages, or face-to-face confirmations. That way, everyone on the team is operating off of the most current information and can schedule accordingly.

Reporting Function Allows for Easy Sharing

Empirical data is the backbone of performance improvement. You can’t know where you need to go unless you know where you’ve been. We all remember the erratic nature of old school data gathering. A recruiting manager would need to gather updates on job orders and placements from each recruiter, plug it into a rudimentary spreadsheet, and hope that the data provided was comprehensive. Now, staffing software automates that process.

Modern staffing tools track the metrics for individuals, individual offices, individual divisions, teams handling staffing for multiple markets, and the entire company through automation. Customized visual reports can be generated quickly and used in kickoff meetings to discuss successes and learning opportunities. That way, you can quickly adopt best practices and efficiently start new goals with fine-tuned strategies.

Improving Recruiting Sales Goals with One Tool

In years prior, staffing companies would need to use a variety of different tools to achieve the same results. Now, good staffing software solutions bring all of that functionality into one clean system. Narrowing down vendors is the only real difficult part. You need to find a staffing software solutions partner that can deliver on the claims they make.

ABD has been in business for over 30 years, maintaining relationships with some of the best staffing clients in the market. We have one of the only complete staffing software packages available on the market that flawlessly integrates front office, back office, mobile, CRM, and reporting functions all in one. Schedule an Ultra-Staff staffing software demo of our software today to see how it can propel your recruiting sales goals into reality.