Strategies to Make You a Staffing Industry Leader!

By Natalie Chrapla

January 12, 2015

Now that it’s well into 2015 I hope most of you are still sticking with your resolutions whatever they may be. I am sure many of you have read that the staffing industry is going through some changes. These changes will either make or break staffing firms. It is no longer an employer driven market, but rather a candidate driven market. Now what does this mean exactly? It means that with the drop of the unemployment rate and more jobs being available, the end result is less quality talent in the marketplace. Staffing and recruiting firms are going to have to step up their “A game” when it comes to recruiting and marketing to candidates! In order to stay above the competition staffing firms must make a strategy adjustment. So what strategy will put you ahead of the pack?

Have a Great Brand Image!

We all know the definition of unique and that has to be you! There is a reason why certain brands and companies do so well and it’s because of their image and the way they perceive themselves. Learn who your audience is and what your candidates are like. You need to keep your brand and the candidate profile in mind when reaching out to candidates.


Whenever anyone is going to make a big change whether it’s buying a new laptop or switching their careers they do research. If you are going to try and reach out to a potential candidate it’s important to have referrals to give to prove why you’re the best and why they should hear you out. If a candidate is already employed and you reach out they will look into your company to see if it’s worth making that big career move. Usually referrals are thought of when referring to clients, but candidates are clients too!

Take advantage of who your former placements know!  Get those personal references the minute you begin talking to someone new!  They are usually colleagues so if you have information on file you can use that for future placements. Plus, don’t forget about calling people that you placed to find out who they know that may be a potential fit for current or future orders.

Welcome to 2015

What does your company look like on social media? Do you have a presence? If so, great but is your image and focus better than your competition? It’s important to be active on social media every day! Since we are in the year 2015 I hope by now your website is mobile friendly. This is huge because we all know everyone is glued to their phones so if you want more eyes on your website it needs to be accessible through a mobile device.

Staffing Software

You use your software solution to screen through multiple resumes, but it’s important not to miss any resumes because of a few missing keywords. Make sure your search is accurate as you can’t afford to miss even a few suitable resumes. This is when it pays off to have an intense search engine that accommodates coded and text searches.  Remember, if you are not consistent and utilize coded fields, then everyone in the organization will input information differently. When data is not consistent then it is impossible to accurately search through the data.

It is also very important to offer services to candidates such as ease of applying and resume submission.  If providing contract services, it is always convenient for candidates to input their time on-line, check pay and W2 information and even access schedules. Even better if you offer mobile access!

Regular communication with candidates is crucial.  Having open jobs available on-line and via mobile is critical.  Text messaging job information is the best way to capture the attention of today’s candidates.

Don’t get left in the dust. Now that it’s a new year you need to have new business approaches. Use your staffing software to its full potential to help connect with great talent! Make 2015 your best year ever!

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 Natalie Chrapla is the Marketing Coordinator of Automated Business Designs, Inc., software developer of Ultra-Staff staffing software for the staffing and direct hire industry. Ultra-Staff is a staffing software business solution with components for front office, back office and the web. Natalie’s email address is or for more information on Ultra-Staff go to