Ten Simple Rules For Smooth Data Conversion

By Terri Roeslmeier

March 15, 2022

For months, this is the moment you have been waiting for. It’s “live day” on the new staffing software! Everyone has been anticipating the big unveiling. You’re nervous. After all, you had a major role in selecting the software. You’re the one that has been telling everyone how great everything is going to be. It … Continued

Keeping Staffing Data Secure Is Not a Lost Cause

By Terri Roeslmeier

February 23, 2016

Your staffing business provides an appetizing target for hackers: social security numbers, salary data, and other personal information. Cybercriminals are just champing at the bit to access them. Last year alone, there were 781 reported data breaches and the average incident cost the affected business $3.8 million. We wish that our industry was immune to … Continued

Reporting and Inconsistent Data


May 14, 2013

I would like to get better reporting but my system data is very inconsistent. Is this because the system does not offer drop-downs that offer a consistent way of capturing data or is it that people are not using it in that way? If your current staffing software solution does not offer this capability, you … Continued

Staffing Planning…Got Your Numbers?

By Terri Roeslmeier

December 5, 2012

Oops – that time of year again! It’s time to start planning for “the year ahead”. Is there something the company should have done differently? Were business goals met? What is the plan for 2013? None of this can be answered unless “you got your numbers”. What are Your Company’s Numbers? Numbers are never really … Continued

Staffing Merger and Acquisition Data Conversions

By Terri Roeslmeier

March 6, 2012

Remember getting “brand new shoes” when you were a kid but you couldn’t wear them until your parent gave you the green light? Sometimes you had to wait until school started and other times they were bought for that “special occasion” that took forever to come. The excitement would build up right up until the … Continued

How To Manage Large Amounts of Unemployment Claims through your Software


September 28, 2010

Our firm has the largest number of unemployment claims that it has ever had. Is there an automated way to manage these? Absolutely. First make sure you indicate which of your applicants are on unemployment. This needs to be directly documented in your staffing software and must be quickly and easily retrievable. Next, offer jobs … Continued

Maintaining Your Database


August 4, 2010

Our firm just acquired another company including their database. Much of the information is dated. What is the best way to maintain a database? There are many ways to effectively accomplish this. First, when your people make phone calls, have them ask questions about the company, including confirmation of employees, phone #’s, email addresses, etc. … Continued

Report Generation Help


January 14, 2005

I can’t find any reports that I like in my software. The information is there, but I can’t get it out! You have many solutions available to you. First, speak to your staffing software vendor about the type of reports you need. Often times if other clients have asked for similar reports, they will include … Continued