Using Your ATS to Find Candidates During the Candidate Shortage

By Jennifer Roeslmeier

May 4, 2021

As the economy gets back on its feet and more Americans become vaccinated, there has been an upsurge in job opportunities available. What employers are finding though, is that few candidates are applying. Less candidates are responding to job postings, which is a complete 360 from a year ago when unemployment rates were at the … Continued

Texting Candidates Will Streamline Your Recruitment Process

By Jennifer Roeslmeier

April 3, 2019

How common is it for you to text a candidate verses sending them an e-mail? Is it normal for you to send a text or does it seem out of place?  If you aren’t regularly texting candidates, you may be missing out on a big opportunity to streamline your recruitment process!  95% of texts are … Continued

4 Ways Cloud Staffing Software Saves Your Time, Money, & Placements

By Terri Roeslmeier

February 13, 2017

Cloud computing has transformed the way business is done. At least 95% of enterprises are using some form of cloud services (typically a combination of cloud platforms, storage, or applications). For those companies in the staffing industry, cloud staffing software needs to be part of that equation. The value provided in greater security, mobility, performance, and … Continued

Mobile Recruiting Software: Why Recruiters Can’t Live Without It

By Terri Roeslmeier

July 25, 2016

What’s the single most powerful recruiting tool you have? It might very well be your smart phone. At least 64% of adult Americans own a smart phone and what we can access with them is near limitless. For example, almost every recruiting task (candidate/client calls, emails, research, and updates to staffing and recruiting software) is … Continued

Get Mobile with Your Staffing Software!


April 9, 2014

With today’s increasing trend of mobile device use in the workforce, it is becoming imperative that recruiters have access to their staffing software’s data at any time and from anywhere. The staffing and recruiting industry is always “on the go” which is why mobile recruiting has been the talk of the town for quite a … Continued

Let’s Go Mobile!

By Terri Roeslmeier

October 25, 2012

Recruit using a cell phone?  Why not?  We seem to do everything else on our mobile devices.  From groceries, to directions, downloading music, checking our bank account, emailing, texting, checking weather, checking time (who needs a watch) and sometimes we even talk on the cell.  The bottom-line is that information is important and getting information … Continued

Mobile Recruiting: Everything You Need to Know


August 27, 2012

Mobile is not the next future trend; it is the present. The sooner employers and recruiters realize this, the more competitive they will be in their search for top candidates.

The iPad: The Secret Recruiting and Staffing Tool?


April 13, 2012

We are a quarter into 2012, and mobile recruiting is skyrocketing! Job seekers are becoming more technologically advanced. The old days of waiting around the telephone for recruiters and companies to call are now long gone. Social media has exploded. More than 1 in 3 US adults own a smartphone. Mobile tablets, like the iPad, … Continued

Mobile Recruiting on the Rise for 2012


December 8, 2011

Social recruiting has been the spotlight trend for years in the staffing and recruiting industry. Will it remain the same in 2012? It could be, but there is one trend that is on everyone’s radar for the New Year: Mobile Recruiting. The world is now wrapped up in mobile. Job seekers are rapidly using mobile … Continued