The iPad: The Secret Recruiting and Staffing Tool?


April 13, 2012

iPadWe are a quarter into 2012, and mobile recruiting is skyrocketing! Job seekers are becoming more technologically advanced. The old days of waiting around the telephone for recruiters and companies to call are now long gone. Social media has exploded. More than 1 in 3 US adults own a smartphone. Mobile tablets, like the iPad, are becoming the hottest, must-have technological device nowadays.

Employers and recruiters can now use iPads to enhance their recruiting strategy. They can use iPads to record potential recruit information from previous job fairs or networking events. Using geotargeting applications like FourSquare and Facebook Places are tools that can help to promote a company’s presence at job fairs and recruitment events. Integrating iPads into your company’s recruiting strategy is a great way to enhance employer brand and grab the attention of potential candidates. Your company can integrate gamification into the recruiting mix to engage applicants, and at the same time enhance your employer brand.

In addition to using to attract top talent, you can also use it to streamline your hiring and onboarding processes. Instead of facing a mile-high stack of paperwork, you now can have your database all under the touch of your fingertips. iPads reduce paper depletion and printing expenses, all while increasing the volume and frequency of materials that you can send to candidates.

With the integration of iPads and tablets, companies can now have exceptional recruiting processes without having to break the tight budget. It provides companies the ability to integrate social media into their hiring strategies to source hidden talent and relate to candidates in their atmosphere. Business can use the technology to target the brightest potential candidates that match desired skill sets, which reduces recruitment time and extraneous costs. Recruiters and employers can change information updates quickly and adapt to changes without incurring large fees. With features like iCloud, everything that is performed or saved on the iPad is now transferred to any other linked devices in the company network.

iPads, as well as an Android based tablets, both can be used for emailing, scheduling, web browsing, and accessing your CRM database. It provides a centralized platform, which will help keep organization and collaboration amongst your employees. iPads and tablets make your CRM accessible anytime, anywhere. This is extremely beneficial, since CRMs are the main source for engaging ongoing communication between passive and active candidates.

Companies that operate this type of technology will also show top candidates that they are on top of technological innovations and trends. Technology based job seekers will base their impression of what an employer can offer in a career based on the online branding presence. As technology continues to change and become more advanced, it is vital for your company to adapt and stay relevant to top talent.

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Megan Curth is the Marketing Coordinator of Automated Business Designs, Inc., software developer of Ultra-Staff staffing software for the staffing and direct hire industry.  Ultra-Staff is a staffing software business solution with components for front office, back office and the web.  Megan’s email address is or for more information on Ultra-Staff go to