Using Your Staffing Software to Streamline Operations


February 25, 2014

Staffing companies want to leverage their efforts when it comes to client service, and your staffing software solution can help if properly deployed.

Do you have an online application easily visible on your website? Applicants can be processed directly into your software 24-hours a day, and streamline your application intake process. The onboarding function of your staffing software can check for duplicate applications, allow for custom electronic forms to be signed, and let returning applicants update their profiles.

For your active contract staff, your staffing software can allow for routine tasks to be completed through a convenient portal accessed via your website. Candidates can be instructed to use the portal for W-2 reprints, paystub information, assignment schedules / history, and timecard entry.

Routine tasks and requests can be handled easily and electronically. This will reduce time spent on the maintenance of existing contingent staff, provide the convenience of self-service and allow your staff to focus on more profitable activities.

Allow your existing customers to utilize a client portal to manage information you deem useful. Routine tasks are handled electronically and without the need for staff intervention of any sort. In addition to reducing the man hours spent on client simple requests it is a valuable self-service tool for your customers. The ability to view invoices, schedules, reporting and approve time can add significant value to the suite of services that you offer.

Increasing client and candidate satisfaction and making your company more efficient translates to additional profitability.

To that end, candidate on-line onboarding and self-service portals offer better service for candidates and clients, streamline operations and lead to greater profits.


Christos Dousmanis is a Sales Account Manager at Automated Business Designs, Inc., software developer of Ultra-Staff staffing software for the staffing and direct hire industry. Ultra-Staff is a full-featured business solution with components for Front office, back office, mobile and web suite. For more information on Ultra-Staff, take the first step with a Discovery Meeting!