Measuring Corporate Profitability


April 10, 2007

What automated means are available to measure corporate profitability? It all starts with your system. Revenue and cost classifications need to be setup for meaningful analysis. Next, as the system is being used, activity must be classified. This coding ensures that as data moves through the system it can be captured. As an example, revenue … Continued

Report Generation Help


January 14, 2005

I can’t find any reports that I like in my software. The information is there, but I can’t get it out! You have many solutions available to you. First, speak to your staffing software vendor about the type of reports you need. Often times if other clients have asked for similar reports, they will include … Continued

Leveraging New Software Purchases


November 2, 2004

How can our firm get the most out of our staffing software investment? We did a lot of research in order to select a feature-rich system but it has not made that much of a difference in our operations. Do we have the wrong software? This is a common problem. Let’s start with the assumption … Continued