ACA Reporting with Your Staffing Software


January 6, 2014

How can I create ACA Reporting from the data I have in my staffing software database? Before creating any reports or spreadsheets on your own, check with your staffing software vendor to see if they will be offering any reporting. This will significantly decrease the time that you need to spend on the project. The … Continued

Staffing Software CRM


November 11, 2013

What can CRM staffing software do for my organization? First, remember that CRM is for everyone — not just sales. CRM makes your organization more efficient overall. Make sure everyone uses your CRM software, especially accounting and customer service. Improve collections, invoicing and service. This is why a complete staffing software product is better. Manage … Continued

Staffing Software ROI


November 7, 2013

How can I get a better ROI on my staffing software?  Generally, the key to ROI is utilization of the software to the extent that it was designed. Think back to the software demonstration. What problems did the staffing software solve that enticed you to invest? Are you using the features that got you interested … Continued

Staffing Software Front Office Essentials


October 4, 2013

What front office staffing software features are must-have items?  Time savings and the ability to compete should be the main focus here. Applicant Onboarding and resume parsing provide the ability to keep high-quality applicants in the pipeline. Mobile access for the staffing company, and client and applicant portals is almost at the point where it … Continued

Reporting and Inconsistent Data


May 14, 2013

I would like to get better reporting but my system data is very inconsistent. Is this because the system does not offer drop-downs that offer a consistent way of capturing data or is it that people are not using it in that way? If your current staffing software solution does not offer this capability, you … Continued

Mobile Apps: How Often is Database Information Updated?


August 1, 2012

When using a Mobile App to access staffing software, how often does the information get updated to my server? Mobile access is very popular because staffing people are “on the go” and need to have access to their client and applicant information when not at the office. When using a mobile app for such access, the information should update immediately into … Continued

How to Ensure Candidates Don’t Get Lost in Your Database


February 3, 2012

I just found an applicant in my database that I could have placed a month ago? How can I make sure candidates do not get lost in my database? There is nothing more frustrating than losing opportunities that you could have won. In order to minimize this lost business make sure that you can find … Continued

Should I Create a Social Media Policy?


February 3, 2012

With the rising popularity of the internet and social media, I hear it’s a good idea to have policies on usage? You are correct. Most companies are beginning to put Social Media and Internet Use Policies in place. This can be a separate manual or part of your corporate handbook. Internet usage for personal reasons … Continued

Smartphones vs. Tablets


October 26, 2011

I want to get into mobile computing and am torn between a smartphone or a tablet? What’s the best option? The best option is reliant upon what information you would like to access. If you are looking for email, internet access and mobile app usage then go with a smartphone. If you are looking to … Continued

Steps to Prevent Viruses From Infecting Your Software


September 12, 2011

My computer is always getting viruses? I am afraid to use it now. Viruses are a big concern but identity theft and financial loss may also be imminent if you continue to have this problem. First, get some good anti-malware software and keep it updated. Malware is basically malicious software that could plant a virus … Continued