Oust Staffing Technology Barriers / Focus on Growth


March 9, 2015

Having fewer technology concerns distracting you in your operation undoubtedly will lead to a better focus on your core objective – growing your staffing business!  Technology can automate your business processes so they execute in seconds.  At the same time, if you have to manage its infrastructure each and every day, it can be a black hole sucking in your time and energy and cutting into your focus on customers.


Here are some ways you can reduce those technology barriers, take away the worries and allow you to spend your time wisely.

  • Consider the Cloud – This is number one on the list of many staffing agencies. Step one is to discover a trusted vendor to host your staffing software solution. By moving the software off premise to your vendor, you eliminate the worries of having internal resources or an IT outsource to manage the environment. You can turn to a vendor whose passion and purpose is to provide a reliable staffing software environment for you and your team.  With this you can throw away your concerns about purchasing, updating and maintaining the health of a server, the application, operating systems, and database and back-ups. Oh, and by the way, no needs for a disaster recovery plan for your application or having to replace the server when it gets to its end of life.  Your costs also become predictable with subscription pricing.
  • Go with an Integrated Software Suite – It’s easy to fall into the approach of “let’s buy the lower cost solution that addresses part of what is needed”. This may work for a short time, however, having seamless integration between an Applicant Tracking System for your Front Office and a smooth flow of information into the Back Office will pay off through increased staff productivity. You can also run Payroll internally if you choose.

Other benefits which may not be as obvious include:

o   One vendor to turn to when there is a concern

o   Simplifying training by having present and future staff learn one system instead of multiples

o   Reduction in costs and time by working with fewer vendors

o   Imports and exports to and from disparate and disconnected systems become a thing of the past

  • Make data available from anywhere – Be sure the staffing vendor you work with has solutions making it easy to access data from any location through any device. This should include access from laptops, desktops and tablets through any browser. Mobile solutions make for even easier access to critical data when working with customers.

Taking advantage of these staffing software ideas will take away many tech barriers that may exist today and help you focus on what you are truly meant to spend time on – Growing Your Business!

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Paul Sliz is a Regional Software Sales Executive at Automated Business Designs, Inc., software developer of Ultra-Staff staffing software for the staffing and direct hire industry. Ultra-Staff is a full-featured business solution with components for front office, back office, mobile and web suite. For more information on Ultra-Staff go to www.abd.net.